Jungle Survival: How to Build the Most Beautiful Grass Roof Luxury Villa by Ancient Skill

Published on: Sunday, May 12, 2019

How to Build the Most Beautiful Grass Roof Luxury Villa by Ancient Skill

How to Build the Most Beautiful Grass Roof luxury Villa by Ancient Skill

In this video i would like to share everyone how to build the most beautiful grass roof villa by ancient skill in the jungle. the material using are only available in the location of the building. for me this is the most beautiful and luxury home best for survival shelter purpose.
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Source: https://youtu.be/-kOEDv0H_8Y

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  • wyrooks gaming

    wyrooks gaming

     1 weeks ago

    It Minecraft 😀

  • Himangshu Saikia

    Himangshu Saikia

     2 weeks ago

    Totally deforestation but sadly viewers not even realising

  • cookis chan :3

    cookis chan :3

     2 weeks ago

    Perros: guau
    Pendejos como yo: ya empezó la rosa de Guadalupe v: o ,mira empezó está mamada :v

  • Hilal


     3 weeks ago

    How does he have internet connection tho

  • NoobMaster 69

    NoobMaster 69

     1 months ago

    No one:
    Jungle: exists
    Jungle Survival: its free real estate

  • Sukhman Cheema

    Sukhman Cheema

     1 months ago

    i wish i could do that!!!!😮😮😮😯😯😕😕😕

  • selimcan Erdoğan

    selimcan Erdoğan

     1 months ago

    Havuz yok dislike

  • น.นุ๊กงัย KT

    น.นุ๊กงัย KT

     1 months ago


  • _Jack_Ryan_


     1 months ago

    He should build a hotel

  • Luther Laite

    Luther Laite

     1 months ago

    Where can I buy that machete/Parang/sickle ?

  • Yall Easy

    Yall Easy

     1 months ago

    So do you guys destroy these house's ? Or does it turn into some big minecraft npc village or something you guys could make money just by having people tour such locations

  • Youtube Pizzer

    Youtube Pizzer

     1 months ago +2


  • Gardevoir


     1 months ago +2

    look at 10:25
    you can see an another house in the background

  • Logan Kowalski

    Logan Kowalski

     1 months ago +1

    15:30 the big sleep

    You deserve the rest all the other people on YouTube are sitting on their butts (and yes I’m trying to keep it PG) make millions (don’t quote me on that) and put basically no effort, but I’m not saying their worse and their bad but I’m just saying you put in an insane amount of work in your videos great job.👍👍👍

  • Hate free

    Hate free

     1 months ago

    Гостевой домик

  • Andy Nappy

    Andy Nappy

     1 months ago

    They call it a villa, we call it a hut c:

  • unknown species

    unknown species

     1 months ago

    no way i could do any of these where i live. groundhogs moles snakes invasive insects. lots of rain. raccoons etc etc etc. can you make a video thats something possible pls

  • Mr. Nebula

    Mr. Nebula

     1 months ago

    They swear it’s only for one day, but they got the green top.

  • Gimunjibeast


     1 months ago

    What tool is that?



     1 months ago

    What is that tool?