Noah Fant 75 Yard Touchdown | Browns vs. Broncos | NFL
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Highlight Heaven: Noah Fant 75 Yard Touchdown | Browns vs. Broncos | NFL

Published on: Sunday, November 3, 2019

Noah Fant 75 Yard Touchdown | Browns vs. Broncos | NFL

Noah Fant 75 Yard Touchdown | Browns vs. Broncos | NFL

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  • Jeff Landry

    Jeff Landry

     3 days ago

    That was great but look at our first round draft pick, left offensive tackle Garrett Bowles get absolutely blown off the line....again.... leading to Allen getting decleated. SMFH.

  • sean eager

    sean eager

     5 days ago

    How is the video quality so good here?

  • Josh Guiomar

    Josh Guiomar

     1 weeks ago

    Noah fang looks like he’s the same size as Gronkowski cause that thing is on his arm

  • AnArmy0fIguanas


     1 weeks ago

    Why the hell is he projected to score 30 for the rest of the season

  • Vincent F

    Vincent F

     1 weeks ago

    Was that a Clean block by Sutton or a missed tackle ????
    Last decent Denver playmaking TE was obviously Julius Thomas.
    Fant gonna be a productive piece for years to come if he stays healthy and plays from the heart...
    Thomas was all about the payday...

  • Rasaad Penn

    Rasaad Penn

     1 weeks ago

    Thought it was a drag race when the video started lol. But yea the Browns still doin Browns shit

  • Lex S.

    Lex S.

     1 weeks ago

    Bad tackling but that's one of the best "TouchdoooOOOooOWWWWWN!" calls I've ever heard

  • Sporting Today

    Sporting Today

     1 weeks ago


  • The Bird Guy

    The Bird Guy

     1 weeks ago

    I know Fant's brother hes deadass my science teacher hes also the head football coach

  • Wil Robles

    Wil Robles

     1 weeks ago

    My wife's favorite team is the Denver Broncos. She doesn't know diddly-squat about football, but the Broncos are her team.

  • Thicc Boiii

    Thicc Boiii

     1 weeks ago

    Pathetic effort

  • gratefuljr


     1 weeks ago

    The only good thing to come out of Cleveland was Art Modell. He knew Cleveland is a loser city with loser fans. He knew where to take a team to win a super bowl.....I mean 2 Super Bowls so far!

  • Lewis 970

    Lewis 970

     1 weeks ago +1

    I'm just curious as to why both teams are wearing their dark/home jerseys.

  • Bino Muhammad

    Bino Muhammad

     1 weeks ago +2

    He made a man lose his career with his first NFL TD

  • John McBride

    John McBride

     1 weeks ago

    That safety is some cut

  • John Stone

    John Stone

     1 weeks ago

    Hey Browns's the Superbowl looking for you all? 😂

  • Norman VanScoy

    Norman VanScoy

     1 weeks ago +1

    The poor tackling here makes me actually sick

  • Chris hayes

    Chris hayes

     1 weeks ago +1

    That’s looks almost scripted.

  • Daniel King

    Daniel King

     1 weeks ago

    I’m not an NFL player. I promise you I would have made a better tackle attempt then whitehead did on that play

  • Anthony Voss

    Anthony Voss

     1 weeks ago

    And to think ppl get mad at me when I say the defensive coordinator Steve Wilks sucks

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