Parents Evict 30 Year Old Mall Ninja
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H3 Podcast Highlights: Parents Evict 30 Year Old Mall Ninja


Published on: Sunday, May 27, 2018

Parents Evict 30 Year Old Mall Ninja

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  • Mr. AC

    Mr. AC

     1 days ago

    sad i think he is mentally ill .

  • wes c

    wes c

     6 days ago

    Feudal Japan had much better weapon control but the samurai and other nobility made a tradition of ambushing and killing peasants

  • HaviboX


     1 weeks ago

    I could never see myself doing this to my own son. Kick him out. Yes everyone needs to grow up and find their way and work for a living to give ourselves a good life. But i would never kick my children out. They are MY kids and i love them to death. Americans just seem to want their kids out at 18 and the kids also. Enjoy your time with your family because things dont last. Its like they dont appreciate eachother until their out.

  • Gunkanjima


     2 weeks ago

    People out here defending working minimum wage jobs as an adult like a kid when there are several entry level jobs that pay way above min wage

  • Tyler Michael

    Tyler Michael

     3 weeks ago

    In the beginning he talks about gun and sword control.. But go look up assault statistics across asia and other countries using melee weapons vs. guns.. Lol, the countries with gun control have crazy melee assault statistics.. People in korea getting scalped with katanas, LOL... Violence is just gonna happen... Do as you will, we'll beat each other with rocks and bite if we have to...

  • GhostVision Films & Photography

    GhostVision Films & Photography

     1 months ago

    Why couldn’t he read his own notes right 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Malformedllama


     1 months ago

    All the money he used to fight in court I bet could've helped him stay somewhere for a long time lmao

  • Grace Alexandra

    Grace Alexandra

     1 months ago

    "You can get a house for like 50 bucks" 😂😂 lol Ethan

  • Lonzague


     1 months ago

    The burning is probably a busted wire that’s plugged in and heating up happened to me a few times

  • Tyler Hilton

    Tyler Hilton

     1 months ago

    McDonald’s at full time is not enough to live Ethan. You could live in a tent maybe and live off hotdogs and bread

  • Fizzu


     1 months ago +1

    In finland (in 9th month in 2019) Some kid went in to school and killed a girl with something like katana, im watching this video later but the question got me. Whole country had finnish flag half way on the pole. First fatal school attack in finland for like 10-20 years

  • Bryson Holdeman

    Bryson Holdeman

     2 months ago

    What if he wins? He stays at home with his parents? That would be worse than just leaving after all the smoke clears

  • WPLU572 Trunked Radio

    WPLU572 Trunked Radio

     2 months ago +1

    Lol this guy looks exactly like me...I had someone in a CVS pharmacy ask me if i was kicked out of my house 😂

  • csknives2140


     2 months ago

    who is this idiot ethan is interviewing?

  • skank hunt42

    skank hunt42

     2 months ago

    "They had better gun control then america." Yesh it was alot easier to slay whole umarmed villages for youre master

  • BaconPancake327


     2 months ago +2

    “Interviewing the man who illegally lives with his parents”

  • Matthew Butler

    Matthew Butler

     2 months ago +1

    I miss Hila.. and dont like this guy. He is trying to be funny and failing miserably.. whoever he is

  • Darnyl Gaming

    Darnyl Gaming

     2 months ago

    The shooting up the school part wasn’t funny and both these guys are lame assholes

  • MaximilianoMillso Goostie The Magnificent

    MaximilianoMillso Goostie The Magnificent

     2 months ago

    The guest looks like a love child of Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone 🤯

  • Joshua Wagner

    Joshua Wagner

     2 months ago +2

    I'm 29 I've been saving money for 7 years and I still don't have enough for a house I live in Jersey it's worse tan new york