DOPE or NOPE: 10 Easy Science Tricks That'll Impress Your Friends!

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

10 Easy Science Tricks That'll Impress Your Friends!

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Join us in today's video as the guys suit up like the mad-scientists they are and test 10 science tricks ranging from explosions to fire and even some optical illusions! Things take a turn for Tanner, but thankfully Matthias and Michael have everything under control. Let us know which trick was your favorite and/or if you've tried some of these tricks before!


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  • DOPE or NOPE

    DOPE or NOPE

     4 months ago +1638

    Y'ALL WE'RE COMMENTING BACK FOR THE NEXT 30 MINUTES!!! Tell me your fav quote from this video AND all your thoughts, comments and concerns!

  • Game Theory

    Game Theory

     2 hours ago

    Cowboy or old time western music in a mad scientist 🥼 layer

  • kera darr

    kera darr

     4 hours ago

    Thar booth idiot's

  • Jack Cottingham

    Jack Cottingham

     8 hours ago

    You had to use alcohol because the dust contains iron so it would rust if u use water

  • Aaron Whiteside

    Aaron Whiteside

     18 hours ago

    I would just like to point out that the "Fun Funnel" is basically about $5 worth of PVC piping for $100

  • Mikayla Kellum

    Mikayla Kellum

     23 hours ago

    9:49 it’s called snethsesia and it’s not a tumor...

  • Short Skits

    Short Skits

     1 days ago

    You guys forgot soap for the first product

  • crazytrey 100

    crazytrey 100

     2 days ago

    1:57 so true

  • Big Macs

    Big Macs

     2 days ago


  • Ellen Ruoff

    Ellen Ruoff

     3 days ago




     3 days ago

    Kids are watching this

  • Grace Kelley

    Grace Kelley

     3 days ago

    Matt:we got ya
    Me:we already knew the candle was behind it|:

  • its over

    its over

     4 days ago

    How To Make Dry Ice Bubble (but its a other way), Get A Bowl, Put Dry Ice Inside, Pour Water On Dry Ice, Then Pour Bubble Soap Inside.

  • Chase Skillen

    Chase Skillen

     4 days ago

    You guys are mean

  • Chase Skillen

    Chase Skillen

     4 days ago +1

    You suck im a hater

  • jose ramos

    jose ramos

     4 days ago


  • hey it's me joce l

    hey it's me joce l

     6 days ago

    11:51 Tanner goes home and eats 1 lb of sprinkles

  • lorenzo salas

    lorenzo salas

     6 days ago

    Dope or nope is the beard boys



     1 weeks ago +1

    Guys, be gentle with it plz

  • endre43


     1 weeks ago

    The first trick is named ELEPHANT TOOTHPASTE