Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye's Appetizers from Bob's Burgers
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Binging with Babish: Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye's Appetizers from Bob's Burgers

Published on: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye's Appetizers from Bob's Burgers

Today we embark upon our third journey into foods from Bob's Burgers...that aren't burgers. Because sometimes you need to stretch a bit so you can make a "big game" episode. But hey, we learn how to make quick puff pastry, one in 90 minutes, the other in less than an hour!

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  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

     9 months ago +3584

    Alright folks, next time I do a Bob's Burgers episode, it should probably have some burgers in it...any requests?

  • Sk Muzammil Zeeshan

    Sk Muzammil Zeeshan

     1 days ago

    That lamination of butter into flour sheets is such a soothing process... I can watch it all day along😅

  • Frefy Step

    Frefy Step

     1 weeks ago

    You know you made it when your face is on a spoon

  • قاهر شحادين اللايكات

    قاهر شحادين اللايكات

     1 weeks ago

    imagine babish sound as sound adult book

  • Ben Grafius

    Ben Grafius

     1 weeks ago

    the knife came back like " 'ey you need me?"

  • EMCEE Kaoz

    EMCEE Kaoz

     1 weeks ago


  • lordñcrow tachanka

    lordñcrow tachanka

     1 weeks ago

    Babish spoon

  • Phill


     2 weeks ago

    I’m making bigs in a blanket with these puff pastry’s

  • Hannybee


     3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does Babish sound like Bob?

  • Corey Reid

    Corey Reid

     3 weeks ago +1

    You have that H Jon Benjamin voice thing (which I like), so doing any recipes from Bob's Burgers feels like Bob himself is giving us instruction.

  • I’m Bobilicious

    I’m Bobilicious

     3 weeks ago

    Is Babish kosher?

  • Aerowind


     3 weeks ago +1

    So I've been skimming Babby's old videos and only now realized that Archer and Bob are voiced by the same guy.

  • SIX


     4 weeks ago

    I don't even know why I fucking watch you I'm too incompetent to make anything and it just makes me hungry

  • Soggy Cookie

    Soggy Cookie

     1 months ago

    Less than half the video was actually bobss burgers food, it was how to make dough again, i get there are different types of dough but over time learning 300 versions of dough gets boring.

  • Gabriel Carvalho

    Gabriel Carvalho

     1 months ago

    Brazilian PÃO de queijo. It's pronounced ˈpɐ̃w dʒi 'kejʒʊ.

  • jennifer Gallardo

    jennifer Gallardo

     1 months ago

    Ghibli inspired food you could do!

  • Krishna Rajpara

    Krishna Rajpara

     1 months ago

    I need to stop watching your vids when I’m hungry 😬

  • Chad Lancer

    Chad Lancer

     1 months ago

    I’m getting Vietnam style flashbacks to my food tech gcse where I had to do a 20 page essay on pastry and make pastry straight for four weeks.

  • pontificationsandsutch


     1 months ago

    Have you seen the show whites is kitchen show with tones of tasty food in it

  • 4Wilko


     1 months ago

    0:42 - Sliding knife.

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