The Royal Family Channel: Princess Anne Celebrates Her 69th Birthday!

Published on: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Princess Anne Celebrates Her 69th Birthday!

Anne, Princess Royal, celebrates her 69th birthday today.

It's been a busy year for the Queen's daughter: she's attended two royal weddings, hosted foreign leaders and taken part in plenty of family occasions. We take a look at some of her highlights.

Anne was born in the reign of her maternal grandfather George VI at Clarence House on 15 August 1950.

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  • Timothée Timothée

    Timothée Timothée

     4 days ago +2

    God save The Queen Elizabeth 2 💂🇬🇧💂

  • Lyndon white 👁️

    Lyndon white 👁️

     1 weeks ago

    The almighty

  • Lyndon white 👁️

    Lyndon white 👁️

     1 weeks ago

    Royals where you are fraudulent

  • Lyndon white 👁️

    Lyndon white 👁️

     1 weeks ago

    God to you people

  • Nancy Hobson

    Nancy Hobson

     2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday to the Princess Royal. Many happy returns Ma'am, and just sayin' you'd make a darned good Queen! (See if you can watch "Ride Like a Girl" sometime

  • LeoDahVee


     3 weeks ago


  • Raymond Slater

    Raymond Slater

     3 weeks ago


  • Joseph Lezano

    Joseph Lezano

     1 months ago


  • darkvader76 twolateamin

    darkvader76 twolateamin

     1 months ago

    She really is a no nonsense, she would be a very good Queen

  • LoverOfQueenAndBeaver


     1 months ago

    what a graceless old hag
    repulsive both inside and outside

  • Luisis oscar

    Luisis oscar

     1 months ago

    Nunca dejará de ser 2da

  • Joy Kidd

    Joy Kidd

     1 months ago

    Happy birthday Princess Anne.

  • Lazys The dank engineer

    Lazys The dank engineer

     1 months ago


  • Hay Rayna

    Hay Rayna

     1 months ago

    Nice.  Happy Birthday to you, late sure, none the less, best wishes, looking fit and well, enjoy!

  • Josh Ardissonne

    Josh Ardissonne

     1 months ago


  • wahinesx


     1 months ago

    Happy Birthday

  • rosa fernandez

    rosa fernandez

     1 months ago

    Isaiah 34:12 They will call their princes, princes without a kingdom: and all their great will be nothing. 13 Thorns will grow in their fortresses, and nettles and thistles in their fortresses; and they will be a jackal house, a yard for ostrich chickens. 14 And the wild beasts will meet the wild cats, and the furry will shout to his companion: the lamia will also have a seat there, and will find rest for herself. 15 There he will nest the cuckoo, keep his eggs, and take out his chickens, and gather them from their wings: vultures will also be there, each with his companion. 16 Inquire in the book of JESUS, and read if any of them were missing: none failed with his companion; because his mouth commanded and his same spirit brought them together. 17 And he cast lots for them, and his hand divided them with twine: they will forever have her by inheritance, from generation to generation they will dwell there. IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY. AMEN!

  • Shechai Yah

    Shechai Yah

     1 months ago

    Ann and Philip stand like the real Royals they are. All the rest are wannabe's because they're not truly of the bloodline--actors substituting.

  • LOWE sonia

    LOWE sonia

     1 months ago

    Much Respect for Princess Royal as the only child with intelligence of her Father. Her personality and Actions, have said more than words. Her offspring more well adapted to life . Never disappointed or shamed the people. That I greatly appreciate. Happy birthday Princess Anne

  • Christopher Fisher

    Christopher Fisher

     1 months ago

    Sorry i really could not be interested in this.
    Do you really think the Royals care about the general public?
    They live on another planet because they are put on a pedestal by the public.
    They should be expected to work hard for their privileges.Get real people!!
    I am proud to be British but the Royals did not build Britain,the working class did.