Will It Run? | 1959 Cadillac Sedan DeVille | A Turnin Rust Extra
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Turnin Rust: Will It Run? | 1959 Cadillac Sedan DeVille | A Turnin Rust Extra


Published on: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Will It Run? | 1959 Cadillac Sedan DeVille | A Turnin Rust Extra

Will this 1959 Cadillac DeVille Run? You may remember it from the episode "FireBall Floyd" when we purchased it.

Join in with the crew at Turnin Rust to see if we can get this patina beauty back on the road again!

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  • Turnin Rust

    Turnin Rust

     8 months ago +20

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  • William Jackson

    William Jackson

     16 hours ago

    It is a General Motors why wouldn’t it run. Back in the day General Motors was the cheapest and best car on the road.

  • Edgar Gomez

    Edgar Gomez

     2 days ago

    Madre Santa.....Una verdadera joya

  • Gee C

    Gee C

     2 days ago

    Id love to find an 1968 camaro some day.

  • MrGsmith333


     1 weeks ago

    Wonderful video. Hello from Spokane Washington USA

  • Kevin Douglas

    Kevin Douglas

     1 weeks ago

    I'd make it run perfect, clean out the interior, and leave the outside just like it is.

  • Earl E Burton Jr

    Earl E Burton Jr

     1 weeks ago

    Fiftynine dream car

  • Brad Blake

    Brad Blake

     1 weeks ago +1

    I love the squeeeeek of the drivers door as it opens

  • Brad Blake

    Brad Blake

     1 weeks ago

    Looks like Christines cousin ,,,,,

  • Dean Kokott

    Dean Kokott

     1 weeks ago

    Let's do it

  • brial


     1 weeks ago

    I am watching this video in confused amazement😂 because I know nothing about cars

  • Hossein Adeli

    Hossein Adeli

     1 weeks ago +1

    Love that old caddy how much for it after restoration

  • concord med

    concord med

     1 weeks ago

    M'y dream car is cadillac 1959

  • rdety


     2 weeks ago

    you 2 are some lucky dudes..

  • Casey Bourbon

    Casey Bourbon

     2 weeks ago

    I hate when mainstream elitists try and act like us.

  • Marvin Martian

    Marvin Martian

     2 weeks ago

    Beautiful piece of art.

  • Ansche Fink

    Ansche Fink

     3 weeks ago

    Hey you don't need to change the head gasket and reset the computer and get locked out of your own car because of security issues. For those who don't know newer Cadillacs have these problems

  • Nathaniel Eden

    Nathaniel Eden

     1 months ago

    What did you guys ever do with that car??? Do you guys still have it???

  • Dvo


     1 months ago

    My dad wants this car...

  • Damn Cracker

    Damn Cracker

     1 months ago

    The gayest sounding petrol head in the world😂