The Royal Family Channel: Queen attends Ceremony of the Keys at Holyroodhouse in Scotland

Published on: Friday, June 28, 2019

Queen attends Ceremony of the Keys at Holyroodhouse in Scotland

The Queen is in Scotland for a royal tour and has attended a number of different events.

Her Majesty attended the Ceremony of the Keys at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Report by Louis Etemadi.

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  • Janet Wilson

    Janet Wilson

     3 weeks ago

    She's an absolute star !

  • Nancy Hobson

    Nancy Hobson

     1 months ago

    The Queen in pretty yellow like a ray of Queensland sunshine

  • Prankster Lololol

    Prankster Lololol

     1 months ago

    2:08 I hope the cameraman didn't get scared from that wasp.

  • Mani Sutha

    Mani Sutha

     2 months ago

    Queen 👑 is amazing. A perfect respect for 👑 Queen. 👍

  • Max Tickner

    Max Tickner

     3 months ago

    It must be pointed out that Betty Windsor (known to the unwitting as the Queen of England) has no legal claim to Holyrood or any other stately home other than that one up north which was bought by the fat German Victoria....

  • Wolfie D

    Wolfie D

     3 months ago

    As ye all see, "Each and every Soldier (Guard) has a "Fully loaded magazine of 20 rounds" Why!? Look @ the todays concerns!

    "Don't Mess With The Guard! (they mean Business) I ♥ Scotland!

  • fishhead06


     3 months ago

    Dhia glèidh 'Bhanrigh;!

  • Tome XVIII

    Tome XVIII

     3 months ago

    My Honest Respect to the Queen as private and all UK people And Gov as generally :) :)

  • Cameron Renwick

    Cameron Renwick

     3 months ago

    Our queen. Our pride.

  • Bruce56


     3 months ago

    Don't understand why they use the English anthem when in Scotland. There is a Royal Scottish salute.

  • Éamonn Síoċáin

    Éamonn Síoċáin

     3 months ago

    Scotland voted 62% to remain in the EU. That is what the people of Scotland chose. If less than 52% (which is the overall UK percentage) is a mandate, then so is 62%. It is no dishonour to her majesty if Wales and England leave the EU, while Scotland remains. Loyalty can't be affected by a referendum.

  • Nancy Hobson

    Nancy Hobson

     3 months ago +1

    The Queen is indeed an example to us all. Love her bright smile and interest when she meets people, and the lovely sunny outfit-one of her prettiest

  • Vance L. Gilmore

    Vance L. Gilmore

     3 months ago

    I wonder what she's thinking about during all this.

  • Ana Beatriz

    Ana Beatriz

     3 months ago

    Everything so beautiful. The queen looks beautiful in this dress ♥️

  • Tala Bishop

    Tala Bishop

     3 months ago

    Prince W and DK are the only ones to better fit to replace the Queen when she goes. They never put a foot wrong.

  • William Hope

    William Hope

     3 months ago

    Live long your majesty my favorite queen

  • Linda Bruce

    Linda Bruce

     3 months ago

    God save our queen. Love from Canada. She is ours too

  • nora sea

    nora sea

     3 months ago

    How can help U,..

  • Rosalind Walters

    Rosalind Walters

     3 months ago +1

    Makes me so proud to be English

  • Rebekka riblet

    Rebekka riblet

     3 months ago

    Awesome 😊♥️