Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jamie Foxx & Daughter Corinne on Their Relationship, Working Together and The Jeffersons

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

Jamie Foxx & Daughter Corinne on Their Relationship, Working Together and The Jeffersons

Jamie and his daughter Corinne talk about their relationship, Jamie embarrassing Corinne, working together on the show “Beat Shazam,” and Jamie’s portrayal of George Jefferson in Jimmy and Norman Lear’s special “Live in Front of a Studio Audience.” #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

Guillermo at NBA Media Day 2019 http://www.cliphaihuoc.net/watch/l-41ENm1X2Q

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Jamie Foxx & Daughter Corinne on Their Relationship, Working Together and The Jeffersons

Source: https://youtu.be/504KSLf0DmU

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  • Renita Cody

    Renita Cody

     1 hours ago

    I hate how she acts towards her father (dad). She should show that she's sincerely thankful for a great father like him. Instead of her being embrassed by how he acts. The way he acts is still taking care of her 20+ year old finacially and some.

  • Ballers Cove

    Ballers Cove

     2 hours ago

    I was embarrassed when my dad showed up in a yellow Pinto, that broke down in front of the school. I'd switch that out for the Rolls Royce.



     5 hours ago

    I think jamie fox is way better then kevin heart but they should do movie together it will be funny af

  • MC Lamy

    MC Lamy

     6 hours ago


  • Betty Abrams

    Betty Abrams

     9 hours ago

    Just beautifully done family success.

  • Raynell Holmes

    Raynell Holmes

     9 hours ago

    Sorry Jamie, I loved watching you when I grew up but I would love to see your daughter turn Montana Fishburn even more.

  • Tisha Steen

    Tisha Steen

     18 hours ago

    Jaimie foxx Charlie woodson boys owe



     19 hours ago

    Damn his daughter fine af

  • John McCaskill

    John McCaskill

     23 hours ago

    6:12 Funky beat! Good stuff!

  • Soul M

    Soul M

     1 days ago

    One of a kind

  • Shauntrail Skinner

    Shauntrail Skinner

     1 days ago

    Well..., I will say this... Mr Foxx is NOT exactly what I would call an average.. "TRADITIONAL".. father from the old days. He is too "hip-hop" as a parent, and that's not good. You are suppose to be the "MATURE" adult okay, not your child's equal, remember that. And that is part of the problem in the Black community. In most cases, there is no "effective" parenting.. in the Black community, the music industry, or Hollywood for that matter. Black folks seem to cheer "buffoonish", un-intelligent behavior. Why not instead, go for charming, witty, and...classier behavior?
    So do not envy Mr Foxx. Or applaud his antics. Because that makes you....part of the problem in the Black community.
    We desperately need better role models, for the sake of our kids.
    His daughter behaved like a nice young lady. Probably takes after her mother.
    Have a nice day. 😊

    58-year-old Air Force VET 🇺🇸 And railroad fan 🚂//Toot Toot//

  • Elsie Sarmiento

    Elsie Sarmiento

     1 days ago +4

    Jamie Foxx reminds me of the late Robin Williams - he can't stop moving around! Both terrific artists!!!

  • Algilera Salvador

    Algilera Salvador

     1 days ago

    1000 comment TY

  • 24K InfO

    24K InfO

     1 days ago

    Thank you Jesus...for my daughter.

  • Jude D'Souza

    Jude D'Souza

     1 days ago +1

    she's so lucky to have a wonderful loving DaD

  • IG Famous

    IG Famous

     1 days ago

    shes so beautiful and natural i like the fact she didtnt get a boob job

  • Tes Roba

    Tes Roba

     1 days ago

    Beautiful Lady in z world

  • Annie Lee

    Annie Lee

     1 days ago +1

    This peuple thank Jesus the really Jesus 🤔 aha Jamie Fox come on

  • Khangelankosi Ishmael

    Khangelankosi Ishmael

     1 days ago

    Jammie thank Jesus ❤❤👍. Oh Lawd that Daughter fine 😇

  • Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    Dorothy Mays-Pitts

     1 days ago

    Jamie Fox and his daughter R great parents and friends and that’s great. DPitts❤️💕❤️🤙🏾🤚🏽😀😁✋DPitts