Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!?
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Team Edge: Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!?


Published on: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!?

Hey guys! In this challenge, we build rafts out of common materials from the hardware store. We have to float through huge waves and paddle around a GIANT Flamingo! Let's see who can build the best raft! Do you have any raft ideas? Let us know down below!

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  • Henrik Tafjord

    Henrik Tafjord

     3 hours ago

    This how many times he said its solid

  • Debbie Wright

    Debbie Wright

     1 days ago

    Bryan is going to have the best boat

  • Melissa Whalen

    Melissa Whalen

     2 days ago

    That’s kinda like build a boat for treasure on roblox

  • Jenissimo Crenshaw

    Jenissimo Crenshaw

     3 days ago

    Okay I just love that Joey used an Avengers:AOU quote

  • Pancake Syrup

    Pancake Syrup

     5 days ago

    LOL bryan is like a kid

  • Sparky Minecraft Master

    Sparky Minecraft Master

     5 days ago +1

    Bryan: oh I’m not going in there

    Joey. Jumps in the pool

  • NON STOP Stupidos

    NON STOP Stupidos

     5 days ago

    this is perfect dude parodia?

  • Llama Queen

    Llama Queen

     6 days ago

    Just did the math on all the money they spent in this video! 800 bucks!!!!!🥵🥵🥵

  • Ethan Pierce

    Ethan Pierce

     6 days ago +1

    11:55 excuse me

  • DJ Lego

    DJ Lego

     6 days ago

    1:15 and 1:40 best parts

  • Creeper Isaac

    Creeper Isaac

     1 weeks ago

    goteee said kevin

  • Kian Holwill

    Kian Holwill

     1 weeks ago


  • Kyler Harvey

    Kyler Harvey

     1 weeks ago

    Question so what happens when you need to move pool or drain water?

  • gamerboys 2.0

    gamerboys 2.0

     1 weeks ago +4

    Who will win like Brian
    👇comment joey



     1 weeks ago +1

    7:51 anyone else think that’s a weird angle?

  • Angel Angel

    Angel Angel

     1 weeks ago +1

    Do 24

  • Kheladi Bazz

    Kheladi Bazz

     1 weeks ago +1

    Little of perfection wudd do it

  • LiFe Is CoMpLiCaTeD

    LiFe Is CoMpLiCaTeD

     1 weeks ago +2

    Kevin: so how are you going to get this to float

    Bryan looks around: uh buckets

  • Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee

     1 weeks ago

    How ever meney likes this comment gets is the amount of times joey said this is solid

  • Lurch456 Youtube

    Lurch456 Youtube

     1 weeks ago

    This was the first vid i watched on team edge's channle now its been like almost a year since i watched this