X Factor Global: When Judges and Contestants ARGUE! | X Factor Global

Published on: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

When Judges and Contestants ARGUE! | X Factor Global

Watch what happens when auditions become arguments on the X Factor UK and X Factor USA!

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Source: https://youtu.be/74fTHh6jB5Q

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  • Barbara Gregory

    Barbara Gregory

     28 minutes ago

    What a big headed boy

  • Sassenach


     4 hours ago

    Ice-cream boy is a creep.

  • Grace Cookie

    Grace Cookie

     5 hours ago

    its a shame, the first guy was rlly good

  • Bailey Evans

    Bailey Evans

     9 hours ago +2

    This is how many times Abby and Lisa said ‘like’

  • Pyt Geidy

    Pyt Geidy

     10 hours ago

    I LOVED ABBY AND LISA 🤣🤣 omg they had me dead

  • Cheese Meister

    Cheese Meister

     10 hours ago

    Totally insulted the women and still got a yes. I guess self respect goes totally out the window.

  • Isabella Bloedorn

    Isabella Bloedorn

     12 hours ago

    “No I’m not her cousin, but my sister is!”

    Brain does not compute

  • Top 5 gaming Zombies

    Top 5 gaming Zombies

     12 hours ago

    Simon: It was a bit pop singerish.


  • Stan Rams

    Stan Rams

     13 hours ago

    That judge cant sing and is an idiot who belongs in the zoo

  • x Moika_Gacha x

    x Moika_Gacha x

     13 hours ago

    10:30 turn on the captions 😂

  • crafen are ell avakin

    crafen are ell avakin

     13 hours ago

    simon needs to shut the fhk up

  • Skyantrs


     15 hours ago

    Anyone else kinda wanna see the producer tell the girls that they got 4 no’s

  • AleXKing7


     15 hours ago

    Por que era de colómbia noooooo!acá no somos así que quede claro,no jodasss!😅😂😷

  • Faisal Zahed

    Faisal Zahed

     16 hours ago +1

    10:32 put on caption and look what it says

  • ImYvngLava


     17 hours ago

    Whoever did the subtitles is whack at this

  • Turtle Derp1123

    Turtle Derp1123

     18 hours ago +1

    Why would you argue about how long you got on tv? You’re lucky to be on the show/on tv at all!

  • Murray Thomson

    Murray Thomson

     18 hours ago

    What did mason said that made Simon angry somebody please tell me?

  • Jennifer Zoller

    Jennifer Zoller

     23 hours ago

    There is no fail/angry xfactor compilation without abby and lisa

  • makeitso


     1 days ago

    That was his one moment in time. He will never get it back.

  • Jonathan Mendoza

    Jonathan Mendoza

     1 days ago

    All the contestants is arguing cuz they didnt win any money they just want a million dollar am i right