Talking to Strangers
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TheOdd1sOut: Talking to Strangers

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

Talking to Strangers

I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • Oliver Turts

    Oliver Turts

     16 minutes ago

    I just noticed he is always naked

  • Maryann Carpenter

    Maryann Carpenter

     24 minutes ago

    You always have to axe people questions

  • albin private2

    albin private2

     44 minutes ago

    When i was 12 i wanted an icecream but i did not want to speak to the person so my dåd forced me to buy an iscream ehh i never got an icecream that day

  • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

    Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

     2 hours ago

    When I worked at a supermarket I really liked when people came up to me. Cause otherwise it's so boring.

  • Javier PLAYZ

    Javier PLAYZ

     5 hours ago

    the person reading this

  • Alejandro williams oropeza

    Alejandro williams oropeza

     6 hours ago

    3:46 is this a jojo reference

  • Weitter Kadenokouji

    Weitter Kadenokouji

     8 hours ago

    I immediately ask employees for help. Of course politely.

  • Tom Nguye

    Tom Nguye

     11 hours ago

    2:20 the girl is a different height

  • Hana Hezli

    Hana Hezli

     12 hours ago

    Here's a tip for the bus situation... Don't sit down until the ile seat guy stands up and leaves then you oy sit down....

  • Rito Revolto

    Rito Revolto

     13 hours ago

    I can't be the only one that called a stranger "mum"
    Or for you Americans "mom"

  • Family friendly Man nothing suspicious here

    Family friendly Man nothing suspicious here

     13 hours ago

    Jeez I don’t think there was a single second of pause in this video

  • Marcel 0001

    Marcel 0001

     14 hours ago

    ahaha Glad in Singapore there’s only 2 seats near window.
    Some are 4 but eh, they’re in front and in a row in front of the window.

  • Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose

     15 hours ago

    3:44 Is that a jojo reference??!

  • DestroyingNoobler


     17 hours ago

    I like how in another video he says: “don’t treat people by their clothing, that’s the most shallow thing a human can do”
    And in this video he says: “and yes I’m telling you to judge people by their appearance”

  • Roan Melville

    Roan Melville

     17 hours ago +1


  • Miah Cheung

    Miah Cheung

     18 hours ago

    1:42 i don't think thats how pacifiers work James...

  • Trailer And gaming Studios

    Trailer And gaming Studios

     18 hours ago

    Jaden animation does that as in she avoids any type of way to interact with a employee at anywhere

  • Ava’s little Gachaworld

    Ava’s little Gachaworld

     18 hours ago

    My sister got one of ur books

  • Drawing with Lilly

    Drawing with Lilly

     19 hours ago

    When you said "kill someone with a axe" I thought of Lizzy Borden

  • Maria Lucia

    Maria Lucia

     19 hours ago +1


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