Screen Junkies: Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel

Published on: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel

She's a hot shot flying soldier with amnesia who's just trying to figure out who she really is (a hot shot flying soldier without amnesia) - it's Honest Trailers for Captain Marvel!

Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary w/ the writers!
Link -

Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel

Title Design by Robert Holtby
Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Edited by Kevin Williamsen


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  • Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies

     2 months ago +1596

    Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?

    Check out the return of Honest Game Trailers with the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies on our new channel Fandom Games. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.

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  • swissbeats2k


     2 hours ago

    This movie sucked

  • Josh N Melody Keating

    Josh N Melody Keating

     20 hours ago

    Please say: I eated the purple berries. They taste like burning.

  • Jordi Vanderwaal

    Jordi Vanderwaal

     1 days ago

    For me Captain Marvel is much better than Wonder Woman. There's no forced "love story" between her and a random guy she happens to find. There's no "omg I'm an adult woman but I'm going to get extremely embarassed over the silliest stuff" bullshit. I get that some women are like this, but this was more for the "straight male audience" than anything. A non-threatening, naive, innocent woman that happens to be very strong. Nah. And the female villain is such a disappointment. The movie was good, yes, but not that groundbreaking piece of art some consider. Also, the tone in CM is lighter, funnier, and the action looks cooler for me (2 scenes in WM stand out though, the village and no man's land).
    Captain Marvel was a really solid origin story, by the way. And this whole "don't show your emotions" thing, just remember that the Kree are supposed to be emotionless, they hate to show emotions. It makes them look weak, instead of the strong warriors they're supposed to be. So they want Carol to "look" like one of them, so she doesn't turn on them, snap (and release her powers) and recover her memories. The best way for them to manage that is to keep her emotions in check.

  • Sahanawaz Mohammad

    Sahanawaz Mohammad

     2 days ago

    Every tarantino movie honest trailer please

  • Shuvo Speaking

    Shuvo Speaking

     2 days ago

    "Wait, the scrulls are nice?" 😅

  • chandra shekhar L

    chandra shekhar L

     3 days ago

    Please say "i am inevitable"

  • chandra shekhar L

    chandra shekhar L

     3 days ago

    Please do endgame

  • MR Esotericana

    MR Esotericana

     4 days ago


  • Antti Huovila

    Antti Huovila

     4 days ago

    AltaVista nevaforget

  • amhrae ni dheasmhunaigh

    amhrae ni dheasmhunaigh

     4 days ago


  • Adlan Kacak

    Adlan Kacak

     5 days ago

    please do Dora Explorer live action movie ...

  • Adlan Kacak

    Adlan Kacak

     5 days ago +1

    watching this video make me realize Brie quite lack in face expression in her acting ...

  • Frederick Bopst

    Frederick Bopst

     6 days ago

    MARIO 64!! Or sunshine if you haven't done them yet!

  • Coral LB

    Coral LB

     6 days ago

    "The Garfield your aunt still has stuck on her car windshield" I lost it!!!

  • JINXtheGamer


     1 weeks ago

    Instead Paid DLC should be Overpriced RGB ;)

  • A_ MC156

    A_ MC156

     1 weeks ago

    Should call it Cosmic Karen

  • Joseph Beard Jr

    Joseph Beard Jr

     1 weeks ago

    Stop being so emotional said no one ever. She has the emotional range of a stump.

  • Marcelo Bertoni

    Marcelo Bertoni

     1 weeks ago

    She is the worst

  • ChAudharY Haseeb

    ChAudharY Haseeb

     1 weeks ago

    U do know that Captain America was before the 70 s and captain marvel is from the 90 😑😶😏