ESPN MMA: Dana White weighs in on Tony Ferguson vs. Donald Cerrone | UFC 238 | ESPN MMA

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Dana White weighs in on Tony Ferguson vs. Donald Cerrone | UFC 238 | ESPN MMA

UFC president Dana White gives his thoughts to ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto about Tony Ferguson’s win vs. Donald Cerrone at UFC 238, saying it was great despite the way it ended. White says he won’t be thinking about the lightweight title picture until the unification bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier at UFC 242.

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  • Anthony Lucente

    Anthony Lucente

     7 hours ago

    Cowboy should have won that fight

  • Brian Kinary

    Brian Kinary

     18 hours ago

    Ive been saying we should riot if Tony doesn’t get a title shot. Think about his last four fights, not to mention it’s 12 in a row and would be 16 if he didn’t break his arm vs Johnson.
    He whooped Dos Anjos at elevation in a 5 round fight at an insane pace in Mexico City and still wasn’t breathing hard. He’s kicked Lee’s (ass sub off his back), Pettis’ ass (corner stoppage), now Cerrone’s ass (dr stoppage). That’s 4 straight welterweights too btw. Wtf do they want Tony to do for a title shot? Fight DC? Shit. Tony’s been next up for years

  • Sparkusi


     2 days ago

    If Dana won''t give Tony title shot I will personally kill him

  • Jesse Ramirez

    Jesse Ramirez

     3 days ago

    Rather see a Ferguson vs Dana white fight at this point. Dana give him a shot at the title you pudgy fuck.

  • Seth heath

    Seth heath

     3 days ago

    Nobody wants to see Conor fight. He's a has been.

  • Haris Ali

    Haris Ali

     5 days ago

    Interviewer: "let's get to the people's main event"

  • Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

     6 days ago

    Brett okaono your way off! most fans want to see tony vs khabib you don’t speak for the rest of us real fans! Sounds like its something you’ve been wanting to see Conor vs khabib, he got whopped already by khabib time to move on and get off connors nuts.

  • mike


     6 days ago

    I have zero respect for Dana , he's a scumbag

  • cadboy07


     6 days ago

    Dana piling on the pounds 🍔🍔🍔🍔

  • colin meechan

    colin meechan

     6 days ago

    Dana , just doesn't want to give Tony any credit ?? Why not ,, Tony's the man give him a title shot !!

  • BedriSinan Korkmaz

    BedriSinan Korkmaz

     1 weeks ago

    He looks like kingpin from daredevil :d

  • Koko Mmc

    Koko Mmc

     1 weeks ago

    Round 3 could of went different as cowboy gets alot better as the fight goes on

  • pako joe

    pako joe

     1 weeks ago

    couldnt be more wrong idc what conor or khabib do i want tony in a title fight period

  • airsoftgod211


     1 weeks ago

    I think the reporter just just said the line about McGregor Vs Khabib because saying why the fuck isnt Khabib vs Ferguson been booked already is a little unprofessional.

  • sparkyddd


     1 weeks ago

    Nobody wants Conor vs Khabib. The fans want Tony vs Khabib

  • jesse nuno

    jesse nuno

     1 weeks ago

    just let Tony fight them all !!!

  • S Mozza

    S Mozza

     1 weeks ago

    even Connor doesn't want a rematch with khabib, Connor wants a easier pay day

  • J G

    J G

     1 weeks ago

    No one wants a rematch until connor has worked his way back up. Tony is far and away the best opponent for khabib.

  • rodney lee

    rodney lee

     1 weeks ago

    If i was toney and heard this i would be fucking pisttttt

  • iluvmyboba


     1 weeks ago

    Khabib vs. Dustin. Aww, shucks. That'll be a good one.