Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle
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Jungle Survival: Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle

Published on: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle

Build the Most Secret Underground Tunnel House

In this video I would like to show everyone how to build an underground tunnels house or a hidden room house in deep jungle by ancient skills. It is the best way to avoid wildlife or enemy.

Let's exploring the new tip of underground house design.
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  • Jungle Survival

    Jungle Survival

     5 months ago +524

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  • Rutmanharley


     30 minutes ago

    WOW !! I am impressed. One tool and alot of determination. I would definitely live in that. Just wondering, how long did it take to dig ? What if you get a severe rain storm ?

  • Joel Richardson

    Joel Richardson

     3 hours ago

    Sees title: I’d better see some Vietnam jokes.


  • hazzer_yt


     5 hours ago

    16:20 dinner lady dishing up the food she made at the school canteen



     9 hours ago

    I know how to not see ads just click another video and back to dis 3 or 4 times



     11 hours ago

    Why is it always some shirtless dude in the forest, can we have shirts for once?

  • Just here Chillin

    Just here Chillin

     19 hours ago +1

    5:00 In Minecraft, that’s the equivalent of destroying 24 dirt blocks.

  • catgrain animations

    catgrain animations

     21 hours ago

    what is that tool called?

  • Colette Bullough

    Colette Bullough

     1 days ago

    why do they all have these scary giant spatulas

  • Kmeang sre primitive

    Kmeang sre primitive

     1 days ago

    Really, really creative!

  • Bhushan Popz

    Bhushan Popz

     1 days ago


  • S P

    S P

     1 days ago

    Are you looking for the comment on how he would breath inside?

  • Nur Ngaini

    Nur Ngaini

     2 days ago

    Super banget...emank ngga capek ya...hehehe

  • Goldberg 1992

    Goldberg 1992

     2 days ago

    Perghh babi msuk duit berkepo

  • herobrineplayz


     2 days ago

    Love this 😃

  • King Aquarius

    King Aquarius

     3 days ago +3

    In America: did you call before you dug this hole?

    In jungle: this hole called me

  • Khaleef kNIGHT

    Khaleef kNIGHT

     3 days ago

    I'm going to recreate this in forest somewhere in the summer. How long did it take for this full process from finding land and then sleeping in for a few days?
    Here in the south we have outdoors similar conditions

  • Djci Jdkdk

    Djci Jdkdk

     3 days ago


  • Matsen115


     3 days ago

    (in Morgan Freeman's voice) This was an awesome underground natural house. Sadly, the man who built and lived in it died only one hour after lighting all those candles and sitting down. On the bright side, he made the most exquisite tomb in the whole universe. We can only hope that no rain, snow, or meteor will destroy it. Ever.

  • CoolinRain


     3 days ago +1

    Dang! His bare feet have to be tough as... shoes?

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