Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle
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Jungle Survival: Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle


Published on: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle

Build the Most Secret Underground Tunnel House

In this video I would like to show everyone how to build an underground tunnels house or a hidden room house in deep jungle by ancient skills. It is the best way to avoid wildlife or enemy.

Let's exploring the new tip of underground house design.
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  • Jungle Survival

    Jungle Survival

     7 months ago +596

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  • jesuitmatthew


     3 hours ago

    "I just got done building a house, I'd like to buy some new shorts."
    "What size waist are you?"
    "I don't know what that means, we don't have language."

  • UnXpected


     8 hours ago

    This is the dirtiest house in the world.

  • Liamproletsgo


     14 hours ago +1

    News: we have just found an ancient under ground base let’s look in there
    News: “wow it’s pretty nice in here” “creepy Asian guy pops up”

  • GMRs.2yt


     15 hours ago


  • Warble Durbler

    Warble Durbler

     19 hours ago

    This human has built an excellent nest

  • Indica Uchiha

    Indica Uchiha

     20 hours ago

    So this who built Patrick’s house

  • Joshua Sadler

    Joshua Sadler

     20 hours ago

    What the heck...

  • Ebo Chi

    Ebo Chi

     21 hours ago

    That's not ever going to be waterproof

  • Michael Higgins

    Michael Higgins

     21 hours ago

    I have no words and yet at the same time have soooooooo much to say about this Incredible Video!!!!

  • Thawng Kap

    Thawng Kap

     23 hours ago +1

    I wonder if these guys built Grand Canyon too lol :)

  • James Looney

    James Looney

     1 days ago


  • Google User

    Google User

     1 days ago

    For God's sake someone give these guys a shovel.

  • mOrze N

    mOrze N

     1 days ago

    Комп, холодильник и кошака забыл смастерить

  • mitchell0921


     1 days ago +1

    Imagine recording a video 2 yrs after this one and accidentally digging into this

  • peggyevans2691


     1 days ago

    Won't the fires burn up all oxegen?

  • Lawrence Eisma

    Lawrence Eisma

     2 days ago

    You can you do a build competition with your friend?

  • Sara Stone

    Sara Stone

     2 days ago

    and i don't even know how to turn the vacuum on

  • Monie Luvs

    Monie Luvs

     2 days ago

    Something tells me he's done this before 😂😂😂

  • 쏭 쏭

    쏭 쏭

     2 days ago

    can breathing???