Jungle Survival: Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle

Published on: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Build the Most Secret Hidden Underground Tunnel House In Deep Jungle

Build the Most Secret Underground Tunnel House

In this video I would like to show everyone how to build an underground tunnels house or a hidden room house in deep jungle by ancient skills. It is the best way to avoid wildlife or enemy.

Let's exploring the new tip of underground house design.
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Source: https://youtu.be/Cma8cogqtVo

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  • Jungle Survival

    Jungle Survival

     1 months ago +293

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  • محمد منتظر

    محمد منتظر

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  • محمد منتظر

    محمد منتظر

     4 hours ago

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  • vids2002


     14 hours ago

    Funny how the ad on this video is calling this video fake

  • Įvãñê Žïkæ

    Įvãñê Žïkæ

     17 hours ago

    Best minecraft secret base in the world!

  • Dunia Kita. DK Dunia Kita. DK

    Dunia Kita. DK Dunia Kita. DK

     21 hours ago

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  • Filip Černý

    Filip Černý

     1 days ago

    Where Are you from??????

  • Princess Facun

    Princess Facun

     1 days ago

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  • Christian Garcia

    Christian Garcia

     1 days ago

    Have u guys been seeing that ad from how these guys are fake

  • Burt Toaster Strudel

    Burt Toaster Strudel

     1 days ago

    Why isn't he sweating isn't the jungle humid

  • JthaSter


     2 days ago

    The Flintstones live action reboot is looking amazing!

  • Coco


     2 days ago

    and i struggled my whole life with lego's small pieces huh?!

  • Maxgamer 2008

    Maxgamer 2008

     2 days ago

    i love your viedeos so much

  • ふるさと歴史探索よか趣味チャンネル


     2 days ago

    How long do you take to build this?

  • joseph ieva

    joseph ieva

     3 days ago

    Can’t find good workers like that no more 💪🏼🇺🇸

  • youpi nallen

    youpi nallen

     3 days ago

    first rain it will be secret pool

  • Itz Byrax

    Itz Byrax

     3 days ago +1

    I was searching underground base but forgot the Minecraft prefix and now I’m watching this



     3 days ago

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  • Revenge Club67

    Revenge Club67

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  • Ishika rahman Ahmed

    Ishika rahman Ahmed

     3 days ago +1

    The house are hidden and the man also have hidden talant 💋😂