Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo
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Vadim M.: Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo

Published on: Sunday, April 3, 2011

Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo

Source: https://youtu.be/E9iXG4Rkdv4

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  • Lc D

    Lc D

     1 hours ago

    When kids are dying in war zones. I see shit like this. 2019

  • The Dude

    The Dude

     10 hours ago

    If all the workers were smart, they would charge outrageous prices for food and services they provide. Want your house cleaned 100 USD per hour. Do you want food delivered 100 USD per meal. If all the workers held tight the rich would have to pay, it is not like the can not afford to pay.

  • peter ssuna

    peter ssuna

     22 hours ago

    At 26:12 that bitch picked her ass🙄

  • itsbritneybitch69


     22 hours ago

    19:00 myles was on the uk apprentice but didnt win, he seemed like a nice guy tho so least he did well after it

  • Norweigan Blue

    Norweigan Blue

     1 days ago

    Another PATHOCRACY - haven for psychopaths and their whores of both sexes. Only a very small minority of humans have real Morals. The vast majority of the rest are morally blind followers OF in turn the empathically challenged, Anti-Social and Evil - i.e. nothing but hordes of hairless selfish nasty or worse creatures. Welcome to the planet of the Apes... Or, Hell!?

  • J P

    J P

     1 days ago

    This is exactly was wrong with our society

  • Michael W

    Michael W

     1 days ago

    Morgan is SUCH a douche bag.

  • noah


     3 days ago

    Monaco is discusting. Think of all the money this country is stealing from hard working people. Soo sad. People who only care about themselves and nobody else. Already have millions and billions and you cant pay a little tax to help those that dont have as much as you. Who do you think pays for everything like the roads and police and gov. You get it all for free and your rich. Doesnt make sense. And the poorest pay the highest prices.

  • M636


     3 days ago

    Bunch of gays

  • Matthew Black

    Matthew Black

     5 days ago

    60million? fuck you!

  • The Jazz King

    The Jazz King

     5 days ago

    What a shithole.

  • tiestu


     5 days ago

    "Le rocher aux putes" Coluche . The whore's boulder . Same for Dubaî, but the whores are hidden .

  • Blackstone Trade

    Blackstone Trade

     6 days ago


  • Xi Jinpingpong

    Xi Jinpingpong

     6 days ago

    Let the rich assholes serve themselves or unionize.

  • kirk parent

    kirk parent

     6 days ago

    Piers who?

  • Joseph James

    Joseph James

     1 weeks ago

    Monte Carlo should consider wealthy people cause others to live inn poverty.

  • Tee V

    Tee V

     1 weeks ago

    I went to Monaco to celebrate my birthday and it’s fantastic.
    FYI you get the VAT (19%) on your purchases back ( have your passport present during purchase) you collect the total amount at the airport before departing. This is for all goods - including designer items.

  • jutubaeh


     1 weeks ago

    a shamespött öff €v.Röbbe ? xD

  • jutubaeh


     1 weeks ago

    one däe söme RiCH€ Räzzjä!n western ´´pötentäte´´´ will büy that zicki and türn it intö $vm Dim cymberic
    äh aRCHkölLöGi$ xD

  • Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

     1 weeks ago

    A true PM Post Menstrual bitch, she bitches can have beards

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