TheReportOfTheWeek: Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

Published on: Saturday, June 29, 2019

Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

Little Caesars has brought back their Stuffed Crust ExtraMostBestest Pizza. I try it out and let you know my thoughts.




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  • TheReportOfTheWeek


     3 months ago +658

    Make sure you check out my other Channel for my podcast and subscribe! if you have a shortwave radio you can catch this week's show on 6115 kHz (6.115 MHz) at 6 PM Eastern today.

  • Me Reacting

    Me Reacting

     15 hours ago +1

    I love this video. The Pizza looks amazing and I just love that tie👔

  • Ahmed Bokhari

    Ahmed Bokhari

     22 hours ago

    Why it seems that he is chewing with his front teeth?!

  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson

     1 days ago

    Did you ever try Little Caesars spaghetti that they had years ago it was so good I wish they would bring that back - It came in what looked like a KFC chicken bucket with the marinara separate and then you would mix it when you got home

  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson

     1 days ago

    You should also note that after a day little Caesars pizza taste like crap

  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson

     1 days ago

    Where did advice don’t do stand up if that’s your jokes

  • Cody Graika

    Cody Graika

     4 days ago

    You chew so elegant love ya man

  • john k

    john k

     4 days ago

    It doesn't get any better than his reviews.

  • OHIGEDID91 Gaming

    OHIGEDID91 Gaming

     6 days ago +1

    4$ more for stuff crust what a rip, adding cheese to cardboard doesn’t make it not cardboard

  • Drew Sabban

    Drew Sabban

     1 weeks ago +1

    Please cut your nails

  • GrimGunShot 420

    GrimGunShot 420

     1 weeks ago

    I work at little ceasers and I'm the only black guy there

  • totally krossed out

    totally krossed out

     1 weeks ago

    New chicken sandwhich in menu

    comes in store in a suit

    Cook: Fuck.

  • Cybrons


     1 weeks ago +1

    This guy is going places 🧐.

  • Chubs OwO

    Chubs OwO

     1 weeks ago

    Guys he has a joke for us

  • Steam boat Willy

    Steam boat Willy

     1 weeks ago

    Stuffed Crust

    I will stuff you all in the cRust

  • coldclements


     2 weeks ago

    Imagine Matt Stonie with this guy

  • keith C

    keith C

     2 weeks ago +1

    3 linear ft?

  • MainzxLivewire


     2 weeks ago

    This guy chews his food with his front teeth 😅 good job sir 👏🏽

  • Leo Acosta

    Leo Acosta

     2 weeks ago

    Wow 9 fuckaroos

  • some one

    some one

     3 weeks ago

    Let's Review!