The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Russia’s “Rocketman” Censorship & How to Pronounce Rihanna’s Name | The Daily Show

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

Russia’s “Rocketman” Censorship & How to Pronounce Rihanna’s Name | The Daily Show

The Russian edit of “Rocketman” removes the gay scenes, Rihanna clarifies the pronunciation of her name, and a high school principal plagiarizes his graduation speech.

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  • eartianfizz


     2 hours ago

    The plagiarism is H I L A R I O U S .

  • Lilo Nenes

    Lilo Nenes

     6 days ago +1

    1:43 Did Trevor just describe Moscow like that?? I mean... Moscow ?! We're talking about the same city right? No man, you just cannot

  • Val- Vals

    Val- Vals

     6 days ago

    You know it’s not all of russia the new generation is happy with the lgbtq community.i know this is for fun but we are no longer communist. Or soviet... America needs to educate itself. At least we don’t have school shootings.. our schools are safe and our people are smart. Yes we have anti lgbtq community violence but honestly which country doesn’t

  • Aaroni Pepperoni

    Aaroni Pepperoni

     1 weeks ago

    Was there a Gym in the closet 😂😂😂😂😂😂ahhh I love Trevor

  • Danielle Jonas

    Danielle Jonas

     1 weeks ago

    That's how Rihanna is pronounced in the Caribbean though...but ok America

  • Yoan Müller

    Yoan Müller

     1 weeks ago

    3:06 Trevor Noah: MY LIFE IS A LIE

  • andy.xlyxify


     1 months ago

    You are running from yourselves comrades! 😂

  • Amber Pruitt

    Amber Pruitt

     1 months ago

    It's always been pronounced that way. We've just all said it wrong.

  • Victoria Escobedo

    Victoria Escobedo

     1 months ago

    When you pay money to watch a 15 second film and only for that

  • Paper St.

    Paper St.

     1 months ago

    Bey once, brrrrr!

    Ah Trevah! You leave dem laughin

  • Meanwhile In Science

    Meanwhile In Science

     1 months ago

    God bless Russia!

  • Seseblue Seseblue

    Seseblue Seseblue

     1 months ago

    The alphabet people(LGBTQ..... community wants equality yet a whole month is dedicated to them because of they sexual and personal preferences
    I have nothing against the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community but I just don’t get why a month should be PRIDE MONTH PLUS WHY THEY NEED TO HAVE PRIDE WEEK WHERE everything has be about them. The isn’t a month for ‘straight’ folks why should there be for them.

  • Sylvia The dragon lord

    Sylvia The dragon lord

     1 months ago

    No matter how much that try they can’t censor fabulousness

  • Margarita M.

    Margarita M.

     2 months ago

    Let’s just call her Robyn, because I am confused.

  • MrSchmolko


     2 months ago

    nothing to be proud of, neither ashamed. do your private.

  • Hey It'sme

    Hey It'sme

     2 months ago +1

    I hate how the news anchor says “HoMO SeXUaLIty” like it’s just sexuality. period.

  • andrea coats

    andrea coats

     2 months ago

    🤔 really happy pride month wow.

  • sirlancia curry

    sirlancia curry

     2 months ago

    I notice Trevor's audience patterns. Rarely applauds if he mention successful black celebrities wealth, small claps here & there for jabs at certain political figures/celebrities, but loud cheers & clapping when he exaggerate false claims by Michael Jackson, R-Kelly (current ones not past offenses) and so on. I see y'all.

  • mark spannar

    mark spannar

     2 months ago

    But it’s ok to try to censor a British newspaper printing a story about him and his gay lover splitting after adopting kids. Such a double standard smh

  • Seetiyan


     2 months ago

    Bey me once, shame on you. Bey me twice, shame on me . . .