Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

Published on: Monday, June 3, 2019

Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie


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  • Pablo Orellana

    Pablo Orellana

     24 minutes ago

    Omg Ariel’s birthday 🎁 😂😍😍😍

  • Jose Manuel Olivares

    Jose Manuel Olivares

     49 minutes ago

    Super padre

  • Akiko Sayuri

    Akiko Sayuri

     51 minutes ago

    This is how many people got relieved seeing kylies cracked phone


  • Pablo Orellana

    Pablo Orellana

     54 minutes ago

    Omg she’s rich

  • keila Naim Sánchez González

    keila Naim Sánchez González

     1 hours ago

    eres o estas cruesi

  • Renee McBroom

    Renee McBroom

     1 hours ago

    I wonder if it gets on her employee's nerves sometimes with her bringing Stormi to their meetings?? Yes, she's adorable BUT... work is place for a small child when you're trying to focus on doing your job!! Just saying....

  • Rafaela CO

    Rafaela CO

     1 hours ago

    Kylie Jenner is relly awesome and gorgeous

  • PeachieRose xox

    PeachieRose xox

     2 hours ago

    29 million views and 6 million subscribers..

  • Razaq Razaqoblv

    Razaq Razaqoblv

     3 hours ago +1

    We love you kylie

  • o_ryano


     3 hours ago

    Lord. As a mom I wish I could pick out my daughters outfit and be done for the day.
    I wonder how many diapers she changes.. I mean with those nails probably not many.
    The privilege is overwhelming.

  • Ajay kumar

    Ajay kumar

     4 hours ago +1

    This video called me poor in 100 different languages...

  • Jeany De

    Jeany De

     5 hours ago

    i really love how kylie Jenner Speak......

  • your._.queen


     7 hours ago

    I really appreciate her she is such a great mom

  • Mims am

    Mims am

     8 hours ago

    Glog 😂😂😂 omg

  • Che'la Maree

    Che'la Maree

     8 hours ago +1

    If you guys want to see the life of an instagram model make sure you check out some of my videos, you’ll love them !! :)

  • Yassmine Beauty

    Yassmine Beauty

     9 hours ago

    Love you 😘

  • Holly Nielsen

    Holly Nielsen

     9 hours ago

    Desi Perkins in the Kylie vlog 😍

  • Debbie


     10 hours ago

    Why does everyone compare themselves to Kylie? I'm not rich by any means. I don't have everything she has. But what I do have is a kind heart, and that I'm a good person. That's good for me. If it isn't for anyone else, oh well.

  • Maxine Club

    Maxine Club

     10 hours ago +3

    Omg your such a nice friend and your also a diva love it girl and continue with your career love your make up set and may god bless your little family love you

  • All about Paulina

    All about Paulina

     11 hours ago

    STORMI 💕💕