The King of Random: Why Magnesium Fires are SO DANGEROUS

Published on: Sunday, June 9, 2019

Why Magnesium Fires are SO DANGEROUS

In this video we're exploring the properties of magnesium and why water can't put it out.

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  • The Urban Bourbon Bloke

    The Urban Bourbon Bloke

     13 minutes ago

    It's one of my fav metals too

  • Daniel Connell

    Daniel Connell

     17 minutes ago

    Agent X vs Magnesium

  • robert howie

    robert howie

     3 hours ago

    probably nice smoke to inhale

  • chadderall eh

    chadderall eh

     3 hours ago

    why couldnt they use a regular freakin garden hose without so much force and pressure to spray on the fire

  • Fandom Freak

    Fandom Freak

     4 hours ago

    I wonder what the neighbors think

  • LeoM


     4 hours ago

    "Guys do not use water to put out a metal fire!"

    Immediately proceeds to using water to put out a metal fire.

  • Zander McDonald

    Zander McDonald

     4 hours ago

    Nate: as we scale up we will use welding masks
    few minutes later doesn't even use it and is up close :D👍

  • Drones, Cameras and Tech

    Drones, Cameras and Tech

     9 hours ago

    can you put out Mg with LN2?

  • Shab Master

    Shab Master

     10 hours ago

    Princess of Pyre strikes again

  • Pepijn Roosen

    Pepijn Roosen

     10 hours ago


  • InfintyAce


     13 hours ago

    Ahh yes "well magnesium is actually a chemical element..."

  • Jerry fei

    Jerry fei

     14 hours ago

    Magnesium +thermite

  • Entity


     15 hours ago

    I think ice makes magnesium burn hotter if im not mistaken so dry ice and magnesium hmm interesting combo don't you think?

  • Cole skuxx

    Cole skuxx

     16 hours ago

    Imagine fluidisation of burning grains of magnesium

  • derpstormchaser


     18 hours ago

    Is it me or does it look like Cali adores Nate

  • Van Kitchens

    Van Kitchens

     18 hours ago

    Can you put some of the burning magnesium metal in liquid O2 (oxygen)?

  • Anthony Wyse

    Anthony Wyse

     20 hours ago

    Liquid magnesium into liquid oxygen? 😅

  • Adam Samuel #MAGA

    Adam Samuel #MAGA

     22 hours ago

    Yall crazy

  • Gaming Lodge YT

    Gaming Lodge YT

     1 days ago

    Mixing magic and science?

  • Samuel Pierce

    Samuel Pierce

     1 days ago

    I am a certificated aircraft technician.