Mr. Terry History: A History Teacher Reacts | Epic Rap Battles of History (Part 1)

Published on: Monday, July 22, 2019

A History Teacher Reacts | Epic Rap Battles of History (Part 1)

Mr Terry checks out Epic Rap Battle of History videos: Rasputin vs Stalin, George Washington vs William Wallace, Gandhi vs MLK Jr, Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers

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  • Andrew Inman

    Andrew Inman

     7 hours ago

    Someone probably explained the which Chinese philosopher wrote believed.
    Lao Tzu was the creator of Taoism. I read the Tao Te Ching, very confusing. He was more about individual development. Confucius was more society based.
    He believed in society and that personal happiness should be sacrificed for the good of the society as one.
    It's the difference between US and China today. US has individualism and freedom. In China everything's about the will and well being of the nation.
    Sun Tzu Art of War works for both because defense strategies is always needed.

  • ChiTownLioness


     1 days ago

    You're over thinking teach. It's just a music video with some history thrown in.

  • ChiTownLioness


     1 days ago

    You know who won. Putin. But you can't say that because America censors teachers, you speak your mind, your career is over.

  • ChiTownLioness


     1 days ago

    I have a GED and know the history is correct in Epic Rap Battles. Educate yourselves people. Schools only teach you what they want you to believe. I've always been into history, luv it. Epic Rap Battles history & beats amazing!

  • praisedsiaming1 JG

    praisedsiaming1 JG

     1 days ago

    he looks like bob

  • Josh Theis

    Josh Theis

     1 days ago

    Lenin verbally bitch-slapped Stalin and Rasputin lol

  • Robert Irlweck

    Robert Irlweck

     2 days ago

    @Mr Terry

    I hope he will read this!
    Stalins Son got Captured by the German Wehrmacht and of course locked up but German Commanders wanted to exchange Stalins Son against a German General who got Captured by the Red Army but Stalin did say no so i think he died in some Labour Camp during the World War!

  • greg miller

    greg miller

     2 days ago

    are those nintedo games in the background!!

  • William Silapheth

    William Silapheth

     2 days ago

    The MLK joke was from Chris Rock
    "What street are you on?"
    "Martin Luthor King St"

  • kaiCast


     2 days ago

    you should react to Knowing Better's video on Gandhi.

  • Lordofthecows


     2 days ago

    I would've have done better in school if you were my teacher! All the best x



     3 days ago

    Mr terry show me the way

  • H00K Dagger

    H00K Dagger

     3 days ago +4

    Best Voltaire quote: “ The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire.”

  • ČiaNeVilius


     3 days ago

    this is how many years it takes him to start the video

  • Mike M

    Mike M

     4 days ago

    I think this guy was on React channel's ERB video, wasn't he?

  • Review It

    Review It

     4 days ago +2

    This is like my friends laughing because of an inside joke that I wasn’t in on

  • Nooby NZI

    Nooby NZI

     4 days ago

    Nice nes collection teacher. If I give you an Nintendo World Championship gold carturage could I get an A?

  • Nerd616


     4 days ago

    I wish he was my history teacher

  • Lonezewolf Gaming

    Lonezewolf Gaming

     5 days ago +1

    What is winning

  • DRX2PO


     5 days ago

    How did he not catch the method man reference lmao