TheReportOfTheWeek: Tacos at Burger King??

Published on: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tacos at Burger King??

One of the most requested items I've ever reviewed, Burger King has released their $1 Crunchy Tacos and I finally am able to try them out!




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  • TheReportOfTheWeek


     6 days ago +830

    If you haven't checked it out yet or it's been a while - make sure you give my Podcast a listen at and if you want to help the show please consider donating via PayPal to your support really helps!

  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea


     11 minutes ago

    That's a taco, not the sunset with the statue of liberty 😄😄😄😄

  • Bill James

    Bill James

     54 minutes ago

    Okay dude...7 minutes is all I can take...

  • Dan Saggi

    Dan Saggi

     1 hours ago


  • Hama Brewer

    Hama Brewer

     1 hours ago

    you guys... if 100 people show up to area 51 we can do it... all we need to do is stay in our cars/ vehicles and shoot past the signs in a line on that road... what could the reaction be? they could use bombs but the country would outrage and that still doesn’t guarantee stopping the raid... better yet there’s three of those roads... we could split up and rush all of them at once. They could maybe handle one car that refuses to stop but imagine 33 in three roads... and that’s just if we only get 100 people imagine 500 or 1000 or 10000. This is possible guys.

  • johnathan stith

    johnathan stith

     2 hours ago

    It looks like a mre ration

  • ipwnUhomes


     2 hours ago


  • Michael Saunby

    Michael Saunby

     2 hours ago

    This is a Disgrace against the tradition and real tacos This shouldn’t even be called a taco I don’t know what you would call it burger meat wrapped in hard shell with sauce I guess you could call it but it’s not a taco

  • James Crawford

    James Crawford

     3 hours ago

    Had the tacos today on your review, and I must say, you were spot on with all your comments. The shells were crunchy (I like em both ways so this was good). They weren't anything to write home about, but were worth the trip, and the sauce does add to the party. The only thing I was surprised at was the texture of the beef (beef?). It was one of those products that had been cooked down to the point of no texture or bits of beef in the meat. Thanks for the review.

  • SupremeGodSon


     3 hours ago

    Start the video @ 3:30 You're welcome!

  • Gary Grossman

    Gary Grossman

     3 hours ago

    These tacos are nothing new. Select Burger King locations have offered them for YEARS. They either came as a two pack or sold individually. It is NOT like a classic crunchy taco from Taco Bell where the shell is pre-fried then filled with seasoned ground beef mixture and toppings. It is a deep fried taco similar to the ones served at Jack in the Box. The filling is a paste like mixture of beef and textured vegetable protein most likely corn. The whole taco including filling is deep fried then topped with cheese, lettuce and taco sauce. It's more of snack or side item.

  • tejastrojan


     3 hours ago

    Why so many thumbs down??

  • Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

     3 hours ago

    I tried one of these tacos Friday along with the Impossible Whopper (which has no meat) and some fries. I actually had to reheat my food because I came home so late due to the light rail here in Baltimore not running right. The taco was good. You do get what you pay for. LOL. But, the taco meat tasted more like refried beans than ground beef. Still, it was a great way for me to end my day.

  • Matt Hildebrandt

    Matt Hildebrandt

     4 hours ago

    Howd one of the aliens get out of area 51?!?!? I thought we were waiting till September guise! 😭😭😭

  • Paul Rains

    Paul Rains

     4 hours ago

    I didn’t care for it, ur right it’s a lil to crunchy, sauce was ok tho

  • Kevin Franklin

    Kevin Franklin

     5 hours ago

    Burger King needs to give up. The taco is a joke. Not to mention, disgusting.....

  • nellychess


     6 hours ago +1

    Never going to compete where theres jack in the box. 2 for 99c and super awesome

  • Matt


     7 hours ago

    Release of the century? LOL This isn't the first time BK has offered tacos... the ones they offered years ago were similar to JITB tacos, but JITB is 2 for $0.99-- better deal.

  • justin musgrove

    justin musgrove

     7 hours ago

    They have had tacos multiple times over the years. I know at least 17 years ago I visited California and every fast food place out there had tacos. I'm on the East coast and this definitely isn't the first time tacos have been in Burger King out here

  • Chris Jafet

    Chris Jafet

     8 hours ago

    Literally everything made my Burger King makes me feel like ass. They’re the only fast food chain that never upgraded the quality of their food lol