Will Smith: IT'S A WRAP on Bad Boys for Life!

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

IT'S A WRAP on Bad Boys for Life!

From Atlanta to Miami, shooting is officially wrapped on the third Bad Boys film!
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◈ Created by Westbrook Studios

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
Editor: Brian Vannucci
Add’l Editing: Dave Phelps
Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Andreas Hem, Aidan Tanner

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Source: https://youtu.be/MIX2EI-UXGs

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  • Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth Taylor

     3 hours ago

    Did anyone else trying whipping their screens to get that thing off or just me.🤣

  • Tommy from wii sports Retarded twin brother

    Tommy from wii sports Retarded twin brother

     11 hours ago

    I got an ad that had furries riding atvs

  • down2 earth

    down2 earth

     1 days ago

    I love this family!! Thanks for letting us be apart of your life!❤❤

  • Yung Fresh

    Yung Fresh

     2 days ago +1

    You look crazy with that face your doing. | 5:58

  • Duh Wolf Is My Bytch

    Duh Wolf Is My Bytch

     2 days ago

    They gonna start working on bad boys 4

  • Dimitri.L. Clark.

    Dimitri.L. Clark.

     2 days ago +1

    JADA is a Goddess. She actually reminds me of Egyptian royalty.

  • TheGooners11


     2 days ago

    Will is right. I'm the same it's defo to do with where you are in the world I think.....I need warmth as I get older . Not boiling hot but just warm with a nice breeze too....I can't take the cold and rain so much anymore in England. Plus we had no summer this year....

  • TheGooners11


     2 days ago

    Seemed like Jaden was in the bad books there lol......

  • Rosalia Hlungwane

    Rosalia Hlungwane

     3 days ago

    I can c de movie is going to rock but I lv de family so very much

  • Richard Medina

    Richard Medina

     6 days ago

    You just won me with the MIAMI comment!!! U'DA BEST!

  • Lourdes Monge

    Lourdes Monge

     6 days ago

    Thank you for allowing us into your life

  • rochiggidy


     6 days ago

    There’s so much going on. I love it. The dad-son banter is fun to watch.

  • rEdd Lyfe's

    rEdd Lyfe's

     1 weeks ago

    Do Martin like yal did Janet Jackson..... LOSE THE WEIGHT B4 WE RELEASE THE MOVIE

  • Gwendolyn Hewitt

    Gwendolyn Hewitt

     1 weeks ago

    His son looks so strange ive been hearin that all year but i see it now😒😣

  • Gwendolyn Hewitt

    Gwendolyn Hewitt

     1 weeks ago

    Will smith said that!! That was gay forreal

  • christian


     1 weeks ago

    why martin lawrence so quite, look constipated

  • let God

    let God

     1 weeks ago

    Will Smith has a beautiful heart u know

  • Pawel Hebda

    Pawel Hebda

     1 weeks ago


  • Cristine


     1 weeks ago

    Assitir Bad boys 1 e 2 agora vem o três...maravilha, maravilha... : )

  • Jennifer Lo

    Jennifer Lo

     1 weeks ago +3

    I like the fact that Wll always have his family with him.