1972 Opel GT, Will It Run After 30 Years? | Turnin Rust
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Turnin Rust: 1972 Opel GT, Will It Run After 30 Years? | Turnin Rust


Published on: Monday, April 22, 2019

1972 Opel GT, Will It Run After 30 Years? | Turnin Rust

As soon as we get the 1972 Opel GT back to the shop, we dive right into it to see if she will run after 30 years of sitting.

Join in with the crew on this mini-series of Will It Run, featuring a 1972 Opel GT.

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  • Turnin Rust

    Turnin Rust

     3 months ago +47

    We got a lead on a 1952 Chevy 3100 that was abandoned for over 40 years.


  • Mark Rebholz

    Mark Rebholz

     5 hours ago

    I had 1973. It was originally lime green in color.

  • Stubbykca


     12 hours ago

    I am 75 years young, and I absolutely love your Video's. God Bless you both & keep you safe!

  • Kenneth Dudley

    Kenneth Dudley

     15 hours ago

    I really enjoy watching these kind of videos while working on paperwork at job corp

  • Lior Atia

    Lior Atia

     1 days ago

    AFTER 48 YEARS NOT 30 .WE ARE I 2019 /2020

  • Michael Fuller

    Michael Fuller

     2 days ago

    The "Mini-vette"... They didn't have the best reputation in the 1970's! Still a cool looking little car.

  • wb6162


     2 days ago

    GM-Opel, made lots of money off WWII. Double dipping it's called!

  • INGBWLer


     2 days ago

    Hi, don't you think about a complete restoration of the car?

  • vassallo49


     3 days ago

    Forse potevate pulire meglio il vano motore.

  • Yoger Tube

    Yoger Tube

     3 days ago

    Holy Smokes

  • gerald frank

    gerald frank

     3 days ago

    Hey why don't you guys hook up coolant before racing that Opel engine. And why not put some oil on the rockers and chain when you had the valve cover off?

  • 2바이오


     4 days ago

    Sosjsii 올드카를복ㅇ 원중

  • Kent Costello

    Kent Costello

     5 days ago

    I'm sorry you found 2 of them ! We called them the poor man corvette. Kick ass video and job tho 👍👍👍👍🤘🤗

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Encyclopedia Brown

     5 days ago

    Just discovered one of the best channels on YouTube! Had to comment on how great it is to see such a positive relationship between father and son, yes you are both truly blessed and an inspiration to all fathers and sons. Of course the cinematography is awesome too! So tired of the cursing and negativity on so much stuff on the Internet. Your videos encompass all the good that is in America. Beautiful, keep it up.

  • deztructo123


     5 days ago

    Those tyres are ready for a high speed run.

    200km/h +

  • Jeffrey Sasquatch

    Jeffrey Sasquatch

     5 days ago

    The best thing that can happen to that "CAR", is to take it back to the field and BLOW IT UP!

  • deztructo123


     5 days ago

    Stuff wd40.

    Dex3 mixed with acetone ftw!

  • Wood Rhyme

    Wood Rhyme

     1 weeks ago

    It is a pain listening to them talk

  • Dennis M

    Dennis M

     1 weeks ago

    Cool find just wondering the carb on that is it a solex or weber the only reason ask is I own DennisCarb here in ohio and I rebuild restore and upgrade vintage carbs the solex looks very much like a weber and some Weber's looked like.late gm cars I do rebuild most carbs like holley rochester motorcraft solex zenith marvel schiebler.asian wallbro.ect. most 1 and 2 barrels rebuilds 40 bucks plus kit and or any other parts not in kit restorations 1and2 barrel start at 100 as some parts are harder to find then most and most upgrades are 10 each.4 barrels rebuilds 40 plus kit and restorations start at 150 .most rebuild take 3 days most Retorations take about 3 to 7 months depending on parts available.that is if you was interested in my service.if not that's cool too .been in business for 24 yrs

  • Ohtoobe!! Fishin!!

    Ohtoobe!! Fishin!!

     1 weeks ago

    Well, the best way to handle this channel is to skip all the way towards the end of the video.