We Talked To YAKUZA and JUDGMENT Director Toshihiro Nagoshi
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Kotaku: We Talked To YAKUZA and JUDGMENT Director Toshihiro Nagoshi


Published on: Monday, June 24, 2019

We Talked To YAKUZA and JUDGMENT Director Toshihiro Nagoshi

At E3 2019, I had an opportunity to sit down and talk to JUDGMENT (and the YAKUZA series) director Toshihiro Nagoshi. We talked about making games for a wide audience, the superstar appeal of actor Takuya Kimura, and Yves Saint Laurent jackets. Also, I asked him to give me haircut advice. You won't believe what he said. (Spoiler: he was polite.)

I also saw fit to mention F-Zero GX exactly twice. Both times, he smiled. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, if you're watching: I did the best I could.

Source: https://youtu.be/NNx3xwDfStw

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  • Deveroth


     1 months ago

    is literally nobody here gonna comment on the ridiculous fucking level of plastic surgery this dude has gotten? he looks absolutely retarded.

  • Bijuu Naruto the OG

    Bijuu Naruto the OG

     3 months ago

    Nice interview! But if you are going for that bold style and can't take constructive criticism then don't rock it man just saying...

  • Aniq Ahmad

    Aniq Ahmad

     4 months ago

    Judgment was awesome game thank you mr Nagoshi hopefully the Ryu Gotoku studios may long last making many great games for fans like me in years to come😆

  • Wetiko


     4 months ago

    We're going to need that haircut advice man! ITS VITAL!

  • Cody Rogers

    Cody Rogers

     5 months ago

    Hey my last name is Rogers

  • LRFLekk


     6 months ago

    There's PINBALL in this game?? Holy fuck that's amazing. And the minigame with the detective who solves crime doesn't look bad either.

  • Yellowjack17


     6 months ago

    Downloading it right now!

  • James Devlin

    James Devlin

     6 months ago

    I genuinely hope Tim Rogers goes blind before he hits 40

  • Rick K.

    Rick K.

     6 months ago

    Toshihiro Nagoshi looks like a quirky Yakuza NPC who would give you some goofy ass side mission.

  • Mike Sugarbaker

    Mike Sugarbaker

     6 months ago

    You’re 40, time to go bald

  • XSportSeeker


     6 months ago

    Did you go there, pretended that you didn't talk and understand japanese all the way, and just let it go? Dude

  • Romi Arkan

    Romi Arkan

     6 months ago

    I feel if there's gonna be a John Wick game, the Dragon Engine would serve as the perfect platform for it.

  • jackelman


     6 months ago

    can't believe you got an interview with the guy who made F-Zero GX. good stuff!

  • Reborn In Rationality

    Reborn In Rationality

     6 months ago

    I have no interest in 'Judgement'. I've walked around Kamurocho for 13 years now and it's getting a bit long in the tooth. I'd stick with it for the sake of Kazuma Kiryu but I'm not about to do it all again for the sake of some other dude I don't give a toss about. More Yakuza, or nothing at all.

  • Nowez Karasu

    Nowez Karasu

     6 months ago

    cant wait for yakuza 3,4,5 ,6 for pc ~

  • LoserFailToWin


     6 months ago

    Son, that hair is apart of your identity now, you cannot cut it.

    People officially call it, "The Tim Rogers Cut"

  • damnyousalazar


     6 months ago +9

    His teeth whitening is on another level. I had my brightness cranked on my screen and he nearly blinded me.

  • Brady Stardust

    Brady Stardust

     6 months ago

    tim rogers

  • KZ_kanmuru


     6 months ago

    Why didn't you speak in japanese, pussy

  • lonelyaddiction99


     6 months ago

    can this please be a prototype for many more of these that are more meticulously produced and probably 300% longer please