iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!
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Marques Brownlee: iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!

iPad OS (aka iOS 13 for iPad) wholly upgrades my verdict on iPad Pro as a product. And I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MOUSE SUPPORT! Favorite software update of the year.

The iPad Pro Review: https://www.cliphaihuoc.net/watch/N1e_voQvHYk

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  • Lynn Dennis

    Lynn Dennis

     19 hours ago

    Marques, love your videos I'm learning a lot re iPad Pro, roll on 2020 new one! 🙂👍🏻

  • Rafeh Saleh

    Rafeh Saleh

     19 hours ago

    Hey how’s working on numbers or excel and keynote or PowerPoint in the iPad Pro?

  • Len Hill

    Len Hill

     1 days ago

    MK I just wanted to say thank you for this review. I'm a student and I've been debating purchasing this tablet for myself for a long time. Your review is what finally gave me the push I needed to try it out and it's honestly one of the best purchases I've made in a long time!! You're the best!

  • JD Diggy

    JD Diggy

     1 days ago

    So the iPad can do all the these things that the surface could already do. But they made a totally separate is for it........ Why.

  • Ariawati Hani

    Ariawati Hani

     4 days ago

    And it even works on the older ipad pros

  • maans le roux

    maans le roux

     4 days ago

    Please dont over react when you just start reading this. Dont want Mac guys hating on me before you read it all.

    I am not a Apple guy. If anything have been pretty anti Apple and probably converted many iPhone users to android over the last 8 years BUT....

    I have to say something about all the products released this year feels like Apple is now the company listening to their user base and giving them what they want. While looking a what Google is tuning into under Sunder Puchai, it feels like Google is turning into a company that will tell you what you need, ignoring what you ask for. Some might disagree but that's what it feels like to me.

    I first took real notice when @Jonathan Morrison did all those vids doing video edits on the iPad pro for Dave 2D and others. Then the iPhone 11Pro smashed it out of the park, this Mac Book 16 looks amazing but I have to say the single release this year that made me excited about Apple products for the first time and go to a Apple shop with actual intent to buy is iPadOS. I played around with the Mac and iPad Pro for hours in store but something about the MacOS and myself that just does not like each other. Maybe it is because I just dont know all the shortcuts and features well enough. But the iPad Pro with iPadOS. Wow. I love it. And I its obvious now how the iPad Pro could replace PCs for the majority of people, myself included.

    I see rumors of the next iPad Pro coming soon so ill def wait a bit for that before buying but in the meantime there are still some things I hope they improve on iPadOS, and I believe they will in time. Thing is iPad pro is great for multimedia media including professional work like photo, video or music creation but less so for other productivity like tons of online researching and using that data to feed into spreadsheets or documents. This is where I still feel I need to have a laptops too. So here are a few things I hope they add to iPadOS in future:

    1. I hope they improve the external monitor output to allow multi monitor at more resolutions. Having those black bars on the sides is a bit silly. Even better would be allowing daisy chaining more than one monitor over USB-C with different resolutions
    2. Improve Mouse Input Support. Nothing beats a mouse to copy, paste, edit info between MS office/Google Docs sheets, docs or presentations and online content
    3. Google Docs support in Safari browser. Seems its still a bit clunky at times.
    4. Support more file systems for external storage like NTFS. Last night I plugged a external NTFS drive into the iPad that works on my Android TV and of course it didnt work. I know this is not Apple specific problem. Actually I think I should start a online petition to all big tech companies. It is ridiculous that in 2019 we still don't have one good cross platform filesystem that all OS support on all devices. Should write to the EU union to force them like they did with documents many years ago.

    Looking forward to buying my first Apple device in future and i hope now that iPads are not restricted by iOS anymore they will add more power features to it to make it a true laptop replacement for all types of productivity.

  • ameen koya

    ameen koya

     5 days ago

    Bring this over to the iPhone, and I’m sold

  • Aditya Jindal

    Aditya Jindal

     1 weeks ago

    Or you could have gone for Android...

  • Jakub Hubicka

    Jakub Hubicka

     1 weeks ago

    What is the cover on the iPad you have?

  • Vitali


     1 weeks ago

    It's great they are finally listening, though I think my Note 5 could do most of that stuff 4 years ago.

  • finicky zeppole

    finicky zeppole

     1 weeks ago

    damn i did not know i could watch this in 4k, just subscribed ;)

  • Jesse James

    Jesse James

     1 weeks ago

    The slide over feature is awesome. It’s like having a iPhone inside your iPad.

  • Sc3ptilium


     1 weeks ago

    This guy NEEEEEDS 10M already.

  • maans le roux

    maans le roux

     1 weeks ago +1

    How about a follow up video. Been months... after seeing what everyone else released this year seems like iPad with iPadOS13 seems to be the best compute device in the thin and light segment. Yes including laptops like XPS 13.

  • D4rkRises


     2 weeks ago

    What size is this ipad ?

  • Michael Powell

    Michael Powell

     2 weeks ago

    Absolutely for the average person this replaces a computer now (files was the missing element for me.) Most people are just not honest with how they actually use products. I can tell you that I am writing this on which will more than likely be my last "computer" I don't see a need for one anymore. Once this computer stops getting updates I won't be replacing it.

  • Joshua Nf

    Joshua Nf

     2 weeks ago

    Should I still get this iPad or just wait till next year

  • Sbs Shs

    Sbs Shs

     2 weeks ago

    it seems like everyone is forgetting the fact that nobody cares if your shit ass android tablet has a mouse and keyboard, its a fucking tablet, not a pc, but after all the hate on apple, it decided to join the retarded contest with samsung.

  • Roger bravo

    Roger bravo

     2 weeks ago

    Still have one question though,
    When they will add multi user profile on iPad Pro’s?
    Since having a $1000 tablet, that just for one person within the house seams lame!
    If they do so, I will rush straight away to buy one ASAP!

  • Jonathan Schmidt

    Jonathan Schmidt

     2 weeks ago +2

    5:45 Holy shit. This would be a reason to switch from my Surface over to Mac. I need to be able to integrate drawing into my desktop workflow. This seems like the smoothest thing ever. I'm really smitten just now...

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