Polo G - Dyin Breed 🎥 By Lvtr Kevin, Ryan Lynch Prod. By JTK & DJ Ayo
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Polo G: Polo G - Dyin Breed 🎥 By Lvtr Kevin, Ryan Lynch Prod. By JTK & DJ Ayo

Published on: Sunday, June 9, 2019

Polo G - Dyin Breed 🎥 By Lvtr Kevin, Ryan Lynch Prod. By JTK & DJ Ayo

Official video for Polo G's "Dyin Breed"
Listen & Download “Die A Legend” by Polo G out now: https://smarturl.it/pologdiealegendalbum

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  • Polo G

    Polo G

     5 months ago +11593


  • Elijah Taylor

    Elijah Taylor

     1 days ago

    Them lil nigga that i came wit

  • Daenerys


     1 days ago

    Every like is 10 k in my wallet

  • GTRenegade04YT


     1 days ago +1

    Me: but I was the cop last time it's your turn !
    Polo G : if you make me be the cop I'm going in the house.

  • Luccas Souza

    Luccas Souza

     1 days ago

    Too much progress for you bro, shoutout from Brazil 🇧🇷💪🏾

  • FCfighter170


     1 days ago

    I know you prolly won't see this Polo but just the few real 1s out here recognize another Vet! Coming from a 34 rap connoisseur it is a glimmer of hope seeing a young man that speaks for so many of us that never had shit but never broke and got out that shit while losing loved 1s to death and so called family that turnt quicker than q waffle house chef..I can relate soon as I turned pro fighting and doing my thing traveling the world doing what I loved... If I fight again I'd def love to come out to 1 of your songs homie... Your music motivates the me when I train,work and even when I get down thinking bout my dead brother... Keep doing exactly what you're doing and you'll get EXACTLY what you deserve bro.. Much love from Indiana and any internet tuffguys wanna troll shit talkin just know IP addresses and Elbows do the real Walkin..

  • FBI


     1 days ago

    January 6,1999 A Legend Was Born.

  • salim omar

    salim omar

     2 days ago


  • ight imma head out

    ight imma head out

     2 days ago

    Ian is not well lol lol lol 😂😎😙😑🙋😣😣😣😣😣😄😘😏😃😍😶😂😂😂😎😎😙😎😎😆😎😎😎😙😎😆😎😙😑😙😑😙😑🙋😑😧😧😅😧😨😨🙆🙆😆😎😗😎😑😑🙋😑😑😑🙆🙆🙆😬😬😟😟 the one I have been working on this video is forbidden to be a good day please find the attached file is the one and the one and only takes the form of the day of Alex I have been working on this like this is a loser sado you have a great weekend as I have a while back and only then can s and address proof and password to open up a while 😂😂😂😚😂😙😎😥😎😥😂😂😥😂😙😎😚😍😚😍😂😉😎😮😎😥😎😥😋😥😋😥😥☺😊😙😀😙😀😥😊😙😁😆😁😙😂😁😙😁😙😁😥😎😥😎😥😎😥😁😥😁😥😁😥😁😥😁😥😁😙😁

  • Eon_Nolan


     3 days ago

    Bro don’t think your cool because you have a BMW my grandpa has one too

  • Jay Moreno

    Jay Moreno

     3 days ago

    Who still crankin dis 😈✍🏽

  • xdluftiano


     4 days ago +4

    bro polo g best 2019 rapper lets go

  • Icedab


     4 days ago

    Me 911 what your emergency I need fire armament polo g drop a fire song

  • parker.


     4 days ago

    This song addicting 👀👀

  • Esperanza Aguilar

    Esperanza Aguilar

     4 days ago

    12 is Atlanta saying js

  • Walina Moore

    Walina Moore

     4 days ago +1

    Nba young boy sad he is bad then you polo g sod you have a dab uv wit you sow is go is beat him at singing

  • Roshi XD

    Roshi XD

     5 days ago

    I wanna slap the shit out of sum1 cause this song 🤕

  • Yixsa


     5 days ago +2


  • vgo oldschool

    vgo oldschool

     5 days ago

    I want to see Polo G ft. NAV. That would be an instant fav and add to the playlist!!! Come the fuk on man!!!!!

  • xxslayerpro420mlg360xx


     5 days ago

    i8 is trash and slow

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