TheReportOfTheWeek: We Need To Talk About These Nacho Fries...

Published on: Thursday, June 13, 2019

We Need To Talk About These Nacho Fries...

Taco Bell has brought back their Nacho Fries for the 4th time, I try them out and also have a message for Taco Bell about this.




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  • TheReportOfTheWeek


     1 months ago +604

    Be sure to listen to my newest podcast at and send any feedback via email to it would be great to hear from you!

  • homonid


     51 minutes ago

    Is taco bell trying to become a burger chain?

  • Trevor Darr

    Trevor Darr

     3 hours ago

    When he puts the fry over his eye

  • Enslaved by Vegetables

    Enslaved by Vegetables

     6 hours ago

    I have no idea why I'm compelled to watch this guy. But here I am.

  • JohnsBadAtGames


     6 hours ago

    2:49 I fantasize about him saying that to me.

  • Angry Chicken

    Angry Chicken

     7 hours ago

    As a taco bell employee, I can ensure you that those fries are underseasoned. Your local taco bell has failed you.

  • The Grouch

    The Grouch

     21 hours ago

    How much would a dinner with reviewbrah get at auction?

  • The Grouch

    The Grouch

     21 hours ago

    I wish the taco salad was still there

  • Gerry Bird

    Gerry Bird

     22 hours ago

    im glad you get it. Its like the McRib all over again but the fries actually taste good

  • Hat _

    Hat _

     1 days ago

    Only ReviewBruh can do the corniest of jokes and I'll be hella happy with it.

  • Fermin 1245

    Fermin 1245

     1 days ago

    Thers no special affects ☹️

  • Michael Reppenhagen

    Michael Reppenhagen

     1 days ago

    Give us an option to add them and a drink to any item for two dollars to make a combo.

  • Dylan Meier

    Dylan Meier

     2 days ago

    Great video brother stay safe and God bless!

  • TrojanSalesmen


     2 days ago

    Okay I laughed at the nacho joke too hard oh god!

  • Anthony Galindo

    Anthony Galindo

     2 days ago

    This guy talks to much

  • Daniel Villacis

    Daniel Villacis

     2 days ago

    "I don't know what I'm gonna do the 5th time they come out" lmaoooooo

  • puggy9309


     3 days ago

    You should try Cajun fries from bojangels

  • Gage Avonce

    Gage Avonce

     3 days ago

    There is nothing Mexican about Taco Bell

  • Lando Land

    Lando Land

     3 days ago

    Review brah I just want it you to know that you scratch the pain away from my soul with your beautiful long nails. You're the living proof that angels are real

  • Clark Grilwold

    Clark Grilwold

     4 days ago

    They call them "nacho fries" bc tacobell is telling the burger companies that they are "nacho fries" meaning NOT YOUR FRIES and that tacobell can sell fries to.