CJ2K: The FASTEST NFL Player Ever! | Throwback Originals
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NFL Throwback: CJ2K: The FASTEST NFL Player Ever! | Throwback Originals


Published on: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

CJ2K: The FASTEST NFL Player Ever! | Throwback Originals

Chris Johnson relives his iconic 2,000 yards rushing season!


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  • The HardCount

    The HardCount

     20 hours ago

    Chris Johnson: I’m the fastest NFL player ever

    John Ross: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • Ed Neverwifeer

    Ed Neverwifeer

     23 hours ago

    That guy get just a tad bit of daylight u wasn’t catching him

  • Stephen Cifuentes

    Stephen Cifuentes

     1 days ago

    I remember that game , I was like plz dnt let this man score! He can have his record but please dnt lose the game.chris Johnson made history in seattle, ironically Chris Carson reminds me so much of him it's crazy.

  • George Butt

    George Butt

     1 days ago

    Bo Jackson ran a 4.13 40 so he is second fastest ever

  • Billy the Kid

    Billy the Kid

     1 days ago

    CJ2K on my fantasy that year...drafted him cause you know.. I knew. But really Young, Britt and CJ. Give them a good O line and shi... will get real

  • Micah Atkins

    Micah Atkins

     2 days ago

    Jeff Fisher sabotaged the career of Vince Young, which definitely hurt Chris Johnson’s overall production

  • hommie sapian

    hommie sapian

     2 days ago

    CJ was unfortunate to have a Polamalu in his prime.. nobody else makes that tackle

  • hommie sapian

    hommie sapian

     2 days ago

    Fast Willie Parker was faster!

  • Richie Schneider

    Richie Schneider

     2 days ago +1

    Lifelong Tennessee Titans fan here! I got to go to the game here in Cincinnati that season; it was awesome! I still have a #28 Chris Johnson home Titans jersey and regularly wear it.

  • D Me

    D Me

     3 days ago

    How quickly we move onto the next gen in our mind.

  • Evan McQueen

    Evan McQueen

     3 days ago

    So he basically ran for 1500 in 10 games

  • Nathan Morgan

    Nathan Morgan

     3 days ago

    As a Texans fan this man was way too disrespected on television. All time fantasy RB GOAT

  • Tom Ross TV

    Tom Ross TV

     3 days ago

    Fisher’s bias derailed his own career

  • Gaz Woods

    Gaz Woods

     3 days ago

    De-Anthony Thomas is faster I’d say, who do you think would win 100m ????

  • Donni Dixem

    Donni Dixem

     3 days ago

    Bo Jackson the fastest 40 yard dash and hes 30 pounds heavier, Jackson was the most complete Running Back and Fastest Period!

  • Hit Me

    Hit Me

     4 days ago

    Not. Darrell Green!

  • Ms Wompkins

    Ms Wompkins

     4 days ago

    John Ross?

  • Adam C

    Adam C

     4 days ago

    Bo jackson was faster

  • Matthew M

    Matthew M

     5 days ago

    His back be hurting not from defenders but from carrying the damn team

  • P


     5 days ago

    Brain is fried.