Unbox Therapy: A Very Futuristic Smartphone...

Published on: Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Very Futuristic Smartphone...

Sponsored by LastPass - https://bit.ly/2wJ3JZK
Oppo Reno 10x (USA Link) - https://amzn.to/2EUddWo
Oppo Reno 10x (International) - https://geni.us/akC200

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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     3 months ago +887

    my OTHER channel - https://youtube.com/lewlater

  • Abdul Basit

    Abdul Basit

     2 hours ago

    Hit like if you are satisfied with Oppo or want them to improve their front camera

  • Elliot Jackson

    Elliot Jackson

     1 days ago

    Just got this as my new phone. Lew i'm hyped!!

  • person, wait no, chicken

    person, wait no, chicken

     6 days ago

    where can i buy this

  • That Walking Guy

    That Walking Guy

     6 days ago

    But what every android phone missed is the good quality instastory lol.

  • nope


     1 weeks ago

    that green dot thing on the back of the phone kinda looks like the Sony Ericcson logo from afar.

  • Warlock18092002 Super

    Warlock18092002 Super

     1 weeks ago

    In amazon its says 6GB/256GB what does that mean

  • LerXgamer


     1 weeks ago

    4:01 Opple?

  • Jurgen Freiberger

    Jurgen Freiberger

     1 weeks ago


  • last chance

    last chance

     1 weeks ago

    Is it water prood

  • unknown


     1 weeks ago

    0:40 song??

  • Julio Rivera

    Julio Rivera

     1 weeks ago +1

    This vlog has become my favorite, thanks.

  • Arnav Prabhudesai

    Arnav Prabhudesai

     1 weeks ago

    Why don't u review the realme 5 & 5 pro phones recently in market.

  • Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce

     2 weeks ago

    Bought this phone yesterday on an upgrade, after using iOS for the last 6 years its already better than any apple phone I've ever had and is an amazing phone if you're thinking if trying it out I would 100% recommend it

  • くーんEJ


     2 weeks ago

    You guys have to listen to Oppo Rene by Ryan B is a pretty sick song advertising this phone

  • Michael O'callaghan

    Michael O'callaghan

     2 weeks ago

    I had to get a new phone and I was stuck between this phone and iPhone because I've had a iPhone since day one and I have to say the Oppo wins, the camera is flawless and the layout is very similar to a iPhone and the screen is full and looks nice for games like hearthstone and more

  • Poker Ace

    Poker Ace

     2 weeks ago

    It's a 10x optical

  • Apri 001

    Apri 001

     2 weeks ago

    Unboxing of reno2 ,2z..

  • Rady Kung

    Rady Kung

     3 weeks ago

    Cool phone

  • Bbone52


     3 weeks ago +2

    it's cool because i live in reno, nevada