GoT S0805: Dany going mad, full fix (Re-Edit (to the best of my ability)) Game of Thrones
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Anthony: GoT S0805: Dany going mad, full fix (Re-Edit (to the best of my ability)) Game of Thrones


Published on: Saturday, May 18, 2019

GoT S0805: Dany going mad, full fix (Re-Edit (to the best of my ability)) Game of Thrones

Do something nice, consider donating on the behalf of Emilia Clark. The issues I have with the show are strictly narrative, cast and crew did nothing wrong and I'm proud of everyone:

1. It's not perfect, I tried my best. I had to invent creative ways to insert Rhaegal. Yeah, that's right. I moved his death from episode 4 to episode 5. It'll make sense.

2. Dany, Drogon AND Rhageal ambush from the sky. Dany and Drogon race for the back of King's Landing to sack the city, destroying the walls. Rhaegal stays behind and lays havoc on Euron's fleet.

3. Jon isn't riding Rhaegal because tbh, I ain't got footage of that in this climate, but more importantly, it's because Dany doesn't trust Jon anymore. They had a fight earlier in the episode. You can be assured, she's not letting him ride her, or her dragons anytime soon. Tbh, Jon's lucky he's not dead.

4. Because of Rhaegal's existence, I had to reconstruct almost the entire battle to make it work. But we get to the bells just fine. The Lannister troops lay down their weapons and they surrender. Dany perches up on the wall, overlooking King's Landing. She's won...

5. We hear in the distance, Rhaegal screeching in pain. We see Euron has landed a fatal blow on Rhaegal. Rhaegal dies, just like in episode 4.

6. A devested Dany, on the other side of King's Landing, can't do anything to help her Dragon. As soon as the bells ring, people begin to cheer. To the people in King's Landing, they only saw ONE dragon, and that was Dany/Drogon. The civilians are cheering the death of a Dragon, they are cheering because they think they've killed Dany. If I had some fun shots of people cheering, I would have included them. If I had audio that said "We've killed the fucking dragon" or "the bitch is dead", I would have included it.

7. And now, it all makes sense. She goes mad because she just lost one of her Dragons and two, she goes mad because the people she's trying to rule see her as an evil conqueror, and they cheer and hope for her death. With everything else that's happened this season, this makes perfect sense.

8. I included the song "Winter is Here" when she burns the city to the ground because winter has come to King's Landing. We thought it was going to be snow, but it's ashes instead. Dany turned out to be the evil the Lord of Light wanted to vanquish. She kills just about a million innocent people with her Dragon. She's done more evil than the Night King has. Once you commit genocide, you can't go back. Which is why Jon, will have to kill her next episode fulfilling the Azor Ahai prophecy (the prince who was promised in the show). The Night King, was a red herring all this time. I think it's poetic to have this song play, as Dany can't ever go back to being Dany. In many ways, this is the Death of her character. Which is why we don't see her for the remainder of the episode. She's become evil incarnate, unleashing hell on the world. I debated leaving the song out, but kept it in anyways. The edit already had a lot of silent tension, and loud badass music. This felt right. It's also the moment, we as an audience realize everything I characters did to prevent death and destruction, has ultimately invited it in. It's a failure for all our characters, and it's a failure on our humanity.


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  • Ryan MacFarlane

    Ryan MacFarlane

     6 months ago +1684

    The way you cut this made the scene far more believable and far more impactful than the original. For Rhaegal's death to be the immediate and direct cause of Dany's mental break, and for the unsullied to attack an unarmed force as an extension of that mental break: this sequencing of events was far more meaningful, and made the fate of King's Landing that much more tragic.

    The music selection, too -- it really brought home how our lofty hopes for the peaceful, prosperous reign of a just and fair Queen fell to tatters in a single instant, and it created a sense of utter dread for what comes next.

    This is a great piece of work here, and you should be proud. Bravo.

  • Your Typical Artist

    Your Typical Artist

     25 minutes ago

    This provides a better reasoning for Daenerys burning of Kings landing. This was cut really well, bravo!!👏 👏

  • SAAD hussain

    SAAD hussain

     4 hours ago

    Dany snapped only when her 2nd dragon was killed! She was calm even when misande was killed! She had to take revenge ! Yes it was wrong to kill innocent ppl but she acted like a mother who lost her child..

  • Marcin Ratajczyk

    Marcin Ratajczyk

     8 hours ago

    You all watched it and paid for it so stop bitching about it.

  • Vlad Leahu

    Vlad Leahu

     11 hours ago

    This suspense music name please? 😁

  • J Victor

    J Victor

     13 hours ago

    I always knew this bitch are crazy

  • claudio alves

    claudio alves

     14 hours ago

    Two dragons???

  • Edith Velasco

    Edith Velasco

     18 hours ago

    Burn them Drogon! Burm them all!!

  • Edith Velasco

    Edith Velasco

     18 hours ago

    Drogon is so strong! Drogon es bien chingon!

  • Willie Pugh,III

    Willie Pugh,III

     19 hours ago

    Take no quarter

  • Willie Pugh,III

    Willie Pugh,III

     19 hours ago


  • Willie Pugh,III

    Willie Pugh,III

     19 hours ago

    That's the law Bible.

  • Joseph Mort

    Joseph Mort

     21 hours ago

    King's Landing going down in flames. Perfect metaphor for how the show ended.

  • Nene Alves

    Nene Alves

     1 days ago

    O Inverno chegou para a casa Lannister

  • RenFam818


     1 days ago

    Rhaegal's death is not reason enough to murder a million innocents. Especially after Dany understood that she didn't want to be queen of ashes. Dany also knows that Unsullied and Dothraki follow her out of devotion and not fear. So D&D suddenly make Dany decide to rule from fear is terrible writing

  • SanMelec


     1 days ago

    Song of 12:25?

  • Mateo Mateos

    Mateo Mateos

     1 days ago

    Eyes fore ayes mouth fore mouth.

  • Mateo Mateos

    Mateo Mateos

     1 days ago

    Nunca se luvio la compañia dorada un capitulo mal ex hasta la muerte d cersei no fue dogba

  • Raja Sekhar

    Raja Sekhar

     1 days ago

    Brilliant picturization

  • Pisqué Dune

    Pisqué Dune

     3 days ago

    I hate season 8, BUT it did actually feel good to watch all those sheeple in Kings Landing burn. Think about it. They would've been dead without Tyrion, but they send him to his death anyway. They booed Ned Stark, chose to side with Cersie and/or Joffrey of whom everyone in the city knew they were cunts, etc.... They deserved it, if you ask me. And there's alot of those kinda sheeple in the real world nowadays, so let's hope dragons aren't real.