Top 100 Runs in NFL History!
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NFL Throwback: Top 100 Runs in NFL History!


Published on: Friday, October 25, 2019

Top 100 Runs in NFL History!

Check out the top 100 runs in NFL history!

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  • Zorich aW

    Zorich aW

     57 minutes ago

    Could've filled the whole top ten with Barry Sanders clips honestly, but Beast Quake is right where it needs to be. Single handedly the BEST play I've ever seen in my life!

  • Spiro Tsingaris

    Spiro Tsingaris

     1 hours ago

    Great list, but Marcus was one spot too low!!!

  • Comic God

    Comic God

     2 hours ago

    21:46 You are going to see that in the Super Bowl this year!

    TITAN UP!!!

  • ouman29


     2 hours ago

    Anyone remember the 1 yard marshawn lynch goaline run to beat the patriots in the super bowl. Oh wait.......

  • Joseph Burgos

    Joseph Burgos

     4 hours ago

    #53 didn't realize steve McNair was that fast wow

  • Chris Bentley

    Chris Bentley

     4 hours ago

    I wonder who took longer strides? Robert Smith or Randy Moss?

  • Mike Jet

    Mike Jet

     5 hours ago

    30 out of 100 runs shouldn’t be on here. Stop putting all these old ass people on here cause they did it first. It was way better runs that could have been on this list. And I could think of at least ten that were missing

  • rustic B

    rustic B

     13 hours ago

    Fun to watch missing a few though. Hershel Walker, Terrell Davis, Dickerson, Portis, Dionne Sanders, Akoyea

  • Andrew Clover

    Andrew Clover

     13 hours ago

    It's easy to forget that there was a time when "they miss Albert Haynesworth" could be said with a straight face.

  • Mad Hawk

    Mad Hawk

     15 hours ago

    Corey Dillion had numerous great runs and carried Cincinnati through many bad years. He had the single game rushing record at one time untill Jamal Lewis took it later the same season. He should have got a spot.

  • Michael Sotelo

    Michael Sotelo

     16 hours ago

    bullshit list

  • Chris Henicke

    Chris Henicke

     17 hours ago

    I agree that Eric Dickerson should be in this video! Humans are amazing animals aren’t they??? I’m old enough where I got to see many of those runs first hand... My sons are and were running backs and we have watched a lot of these guys that were greats and tried to mimic some of the things they did well. My hat goes off to them all. Thanks for the video! ✌️

  • Indigenous Aboriginal Hue-Man

    Indigenous Aboriginal Hue-Man

     17 hours ago

    No Justice for the Nigerian Nightmare, Charlie Garner, Delvin Williams, was Fran Tarkington in there?

  • Stanley Williams

    Stanley Williams

     23 hours ago

    Barry Sanders made that guy do the hokey pokey and made him turn himself around.and that's what it's all about.

  • Stanley Williams

    Stanley Williams

     23 hours ago

    Enmity Smith got tackled by 6 grown men at the same time and didn't go do.that shit should not have happened.lmao

  • Jeff Elkins

    Jeff Elkins

     1 days ago

    No Eric Dickerson, only 1 Marcus Allen come on man

  • janzgar1


     1 days ago

    QB sneak? Shut this channel down now please....

  • Heartofthacity


     1 days ago

    If Marshawn wasn’t number one I was going to log off forever 🙌🏾

  • Conner Wood

    Conner Wood

     1 days ago

    Derrick Henry at #18

  • Roman Thomas

    Roman Thomas

     1 days ago

    Bull shit