Binging with Babish: KFC from Stranger Things
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Binging with Babish: Binging with Babish: KFC from Stranger Things


Published on: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Binging with Babish: KFC from Stranger Things

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Stranger Things returns this 4th of July, providing a double-whammy reason to fry up a batch of fried chicken, whip up a mess of biscuits, and mash up a friggin ton of potatoes. Celebrate our nation's independence day (and Netflix's most celebrated series) the way it was intended: with some deeply unhealthy food.

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  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

     5 months ago +23803

    I forgot to say was finger-lickin' good.

  • Andrea


     1 hours ago

    Can I move in with you?

  • WardyJ


     12 hours ago +2

    Watching this full well knowing ill never even attempt this..

  • Aniken


     13 hours ago

    Msg is safe

    Not for my mom.
    She was in the emergency room every other day.

  • Kaprice Lunsford

    Kaprice Lunsford

     17 hours ago

    What is msg?

  • Kenleigh Dickey

    Kenleigh Dickey

     1 days ago

    Now i know that even in NY KFC serves pink chicken...

  • Dylan


     1 days ago

    That is not a biscuit

  • Brennan F

    Brennan F

     1 days ago

    Are we going ignore that fact that is ugliest piece of chicken ever

  • Skorp the Memer

    Skorp the Memer

     1 days ago

    Shrek: heavy breathing

  • cloudcolumn cat

    cloudcolumn cat

     1 days ago

    If I had a father like you, my childhood would have remained a child of eat all Disney food.

  • Gavin Hickson

    Gavin Hickson

     1 days ago +2

    KFC employee: only shakes chicken 6 times*
    Manager: a n g e r

  • waterb_o3


     2 days ago

    This video is called kfc from strange things lol

  • Fairyplay


     3 days ago

    KFC is master-class fastfood?? I think you should have a word with reviewbrah....

  • Ben Hendrix

    Ben Hendrix

     3 days ago +4

    Nancy had to leave the room so she could go cheat on her boyfriend

  • owenswamp


     4 days ago

    He says layers like lairs

  • Ellastrations369


     4 days ago

    Please do the Popeyes chicken sandwich!

  • Vulctrah


     4 days ago

    Chicken leg bis

  • Undomaranel


     4 days ago +1

    If only I could find a KFC that wasn't filthy and/or give me food poisoning every time I eat there :/ I used to love it as a kid, but since around Y2K KFC doesn't seem to want me.

  • Walter Chumley

    Walter Chumley

     4 days ago

    That was a joy to watch.

  • Yeontan's SugaDaddy

    Yeontan's SugaDaddy

     4 days ago +5

    I'm disappointed we didn't get a recipe for the "honey"