1966 Corvette: Daughter surprises dad with dream car for Father's Day!
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Lisa Sartori: 1966 Corvette: Daughter surprises dad with dream car for Father's Day!


Published on: Sunday, June 25, 2017

1966 Corvette: Daughter surprises dad with dream car for Father's Day!

My dad has always wanted a Corvette. This Father's Day, with his 80th birthday just 8 months away, I decided not to wait! Tomorrow is never promised, so I decided to make my dream come true and surprise my dad with a 1966 Corvette (the year I was born, for added significance).

The day was magical, and I am blessed to have been able to do this for such a great man!

Source: https://youtu.be/XHB0oZw8rQU

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  • Daring Darius

    Daring Darius

     1 hours ago

    Dayum, my father really wants a Corvette as well, but I don't make enough :/

    Time to start saving :D



     2 hours ago

    Lisa's got a tight ass

  • US4FREEDOM 0U812

    US4FREEDOM 0U812

     13 hours ago

    These darn kids of ours..We're supposed to be spoiling them , Not them spoiling us.
    Mom getting 71 Hemi Cuda. For her birthdays next month.

  • Kevin McMillan

    Kevin McMillan

     16 hours ago

    I almost cried lol... and I don’t cry... semper fi! I hope my daughter watch this video in 10 years lol. That was awesome of you guys to do that for your dad!

  • Sarah Ferguson

    Sarah Ferguson

     22 hours ago

    I Do believe I owned THIS car from 2001 to 2003 in Jacksonville Florida, Please contact me,Kenny 904 612-5747.

  • Mallikarjun Kuri

    Mallikarjun Kuri

     1 days ago

    so cute and very heart melt sentiment lovely reaction, Father and daughter, Dad Birthday crowd momemts💐🙏👌, i like it.

  • Christine Crockford

    Christine Crockford

     1 days ago

    Gosh that made me cry, what a lovely old man and daughter orrrr

  • Afsal Muhammad

    Afsal Muhammad

     1 days ago

    Man loves machines than human sometimes

  • Sean Lonergan

    Sean Lonergan

     1 days ago

    Great girl! Love the car, but she is awesome to pull this off!

  • C.I. Wrotethis

    C.I. Wrotethis

     2 days ago +1

    When somebody does something like this it gives people faith in the whole world.

  • Mostafa Akoushahly

    Mostafa Akoushahly

     2 days ago

    i´ll start talking about cars with my girlfriend

  • Irene Duke

    Irene Duke

     2 days ago

    Gorgeous color. It is very loud!

  • Martin Stanley

    Martin Stanley

     3 days ago +1

    Not sure how I got to this video, wasn't searching for anything like this...but this just became my favorite video on all of YouTube. Kudos Sir, both for your service in the Marines and for raising a wonderful daughter.

  • Frank M Griseta

    Frank M Griseta

     3 days ago +1

    You are an awesome daughter and the love between you and your dad is so strong it can be felt right from the video.

  • 00Killjoy


     3 days ago

    If my future kids are reading this, ya know I would really love a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. XD

  • BigSig


     3 days ago

    That's awesome that you did that for him.

  • Nicholas Smith

    Nicholas Smith

     3 days ago

    you're such a good daughter. congrats

  • Mach Tuck

    Mach Tuck

     3 days ago

    made me cry!! that was awesome!

  • James Mandrell

    James Mandrell

     3 days ago

    I can relate a few years ago I sold my lifted truck to help my son . 5 months back he bought me a lifted 1 ton 4x4 . not a show truck but it runs and drives he knew I would build it my way . Best day of my life . And the most proud I've ever been of my 19 year old son .

  • Darell Cardona

    Darell Cardona

     4 days ago

    Bro this fucking anouncement of the Juul