CNN: Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

Published on: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund.

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  • putchini


     39 minutes ago

    Now that's passion! This is truly inspirational... Jon is the man!

  • Jesse Gros

    Jesse Gros

     12 hours ago +1

    Damn good JS!!!

  • Carlos Rix

    Carlos Rix

     13 hours ago => A Red Cross Chaplain says how he felt being there.

  • Vicente Azevedo

    Vicente Azevedo

     14 hours ago


  • Geof Ingram

    Geof Ingram

     15 hours ago

    The things you do for oil and justify war

  • mark price

    mark price

     15 hours ago

    Where did the $7.5 billion go Jon? Why not direct your anger there instead of shaming congress?

  • Lanuiiohu Sukikiya

    Lanuiiohu Sukikiya

     15 hours ago +1

    This is why I hate POLITICIANS

  • Starfleet Captain

    Starfleet Captain

     17 hours ago

    Just like with veterans and refugees, people are quick to use them to justify any immorality but have no morality of their own in actually helping people. Why is there even a single veteran that's homeless, hungry or not getting the medical help he or she needs? Why is there a single refugee who has to be terrified of going back to deplorable conditions where they most likely will meet certain death? This is "supposed" to be the most powerful and righteous nation in the world or so it advertises every chance it get's, and why can't we help all those in need who are suffering? Because we chose not to, because it's easier and more beneficial to just do whatever it takes for more money and power trampling any in your way, crushing all beneath you, listing any who cry out for justice as crazy or some other derogatory remark. It's sicking.

  • T-tus


     19 hours ago

    Just sad to see how bad people can treat each other. Working as a team seem to not be an option.

  • Ernest Baum

    Ernest Baum

     1 days ago

    It's funny. I just finished watching Chernobyl and it was horrific and the Soviets sure screwed it the hell up, but the coal miners, the divers, the graphite removal team, they weren't lied to, and they got healthcare immediately and without cost. I'm looking forward to the HBO mini series on responding to 9/11 that ends in this speech.

  • losability


     1 days ago


  • thefallen83


     1 days ago

    Stewart 2020?

  • Dusty Showbiz

    Dusty Showbiz

     1 days ago

    Most of them probably weren't even listening... they were probably just waiting for him to finish so they could countinue the motion on the floor at a later date when there are enough chair members present to vote in a closed session...

    Never Forget...
    unless you're in Congress...
    then at least try to remember to never forget about it entirely...

    i mean... i know that the migrant refugees and the dreamers' rights are virtually neck and neck with the first responders health and lives... i mean duh...
    a baby would know that those two issues are virtually indistinguishable in the context of priority and congressional duties...

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda

     1 days ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the committee members who were absent: The subcommittee has 14 members.

    The subcommittee members who were MIA when Stewart and Alvarez spoke include Democratic Reps. Eric Swalwell of California, Madeleine Dean of Pennyslvania, and Sylvia Garcia, Veronica Escobar and Sheila Jackson, all of Texas. Swalwell is running for president.

    The Republican members who were missing during their testimony were Louie Gohmert of Texas, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania, Ben Cline of Virginia and Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota.

  • kreek22


     1 days ago

    Little jon is up there swinging away at an enemy that doesn't exist. Bipartisan support from the get go. What cynical theatrics. Then he goes on the talk shows to shower more lies about mean old Republicans. And I thought little jon had retired from the fake news business.

  • hostyle0


     1 days ago

    Not American but I was moved by this. Good job Jon. We are taught to be patriotic to a country run by people who dont give a fuck about us. Patriotism is for fools

  • AKAT1980


     1 days ago

    If the people of this country don't get that we are nothing more then pawns. We still have a long way to go, it's even more interesting to me that Colin Kaepernick. Went through what congress should be going through, just goes to show you how dumb Americans are.

  • Richie Delaney

    Richie Delaney

     1 days ago

    Who the hell down votes this video? What is wrong with you? Worthless bastards!

  • SHEILA Miller

    SHEILA Miller

     1 days ago

    People/government don't give 2 fucks about shit until it's their son/daughter/brother/sister/mom/dad.

  • Bobbi Jo Epps

    Bobbi Jo Epps

     1 days ago +1

    I don't think I have ever been this.....God Bless you, Jon Stewart.