Breaking Down Logan Paul Tweets with Chris D'Elia
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H3 Podcast Highlights: Breaking Down Logan Paul Tweets with Chris D'Elia


Published on: Friday, June 29, 2018

Breaking Down Logan Paul Tweets with Chris D'Elia

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  • Dante


     1 days ago

    i never got what this chick does here

  • Tracy Leigh

    Tracy Leigh

     4 days ago

    This is seriously the 187th time I've watched this highlight lollllll classic

  • apurva singh

    apurva singh

     1 weeks ago

    still Logan is more successful than everybody in that room

  • Jeffrey Lusk

    Jeffrey Lusk

     1 weeks ago

    Ethan had to say "hit me with that echo, logan paul"
    And now my amazon echo wont shut up about Logan Paul.

  • Sarah Simon

    Sarah Simon

     2 weeks ago

    I would LOVE to see Chris back on the podcast!

  • dildo danny

    dildo danny

     2 weeks ago

    ha as if he isn't going to be arguing with people younger than him when hes 38
    especially when we know hes going to be bald with a dead careers and irrelevant af. he will MOST DEFINITELY just be spending his days on twitter looking for someone to argue with

  • Mitchel Monroe

    Mitchel Monroe

     2 weeks ago

    Why is he so up and dowN? He seems out of focus.....Chris does...idk he doesnt seem straight....defensive....

  • PlanktonPepe


     2 weeks ago

    When Logan said that his tweet was funnier then his show Chris should have said weird flex but ok

  • OblivionMike


     2 weeks ago

    LOGAN PAUL EXPLAINS TO BRENDAN SCHAUB The Beef Between Chris D'Elia On Twitter!!

  • jasonpwnd


     2 weeks ago

    The best part is you just KNOW that every single one of Logan's tweets were crafted by his ENTIRE POSSE 😂🤣
    they don't have two brain cells to rub together between the whole band of them 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Derp JJ

    Derp JJ

     2 weeks ago

    You're using way too many napkins

  • Hillary Lies

    Hillary Lies

     2 weeks ago

    Logan Paul is the idiot who posted a live suicide and streamed it to his YouTube channel. Please look into this if you don’t believe me. Type this into YouTube or go to google, yahoo, or even CNN and you will see what this piece of shit did. He didn’t even give the family members of the young man who Logan Paul found hanging in a tree, the respect and stop filming. Instead, he posted and streamed it to his YouTube channel in his own selfish efforts to get views. Please please please, do the young man who took his life and his family the respect that Logan Paul didn’t give them,, and stop viewing anything that has anything to do with Logan Paul. Thank you

  • Kristina Ortiz

    Kristina Ortiz

     2 weeks ago

    Is that the oh my god they were roommates guy?

  • tyzer32


     3 weeks ago

    Wait you guys were moaning over the "old joke" but then Chris followed up with an age joke anyway lol... 30 is the go-to old age number to anyone <30.... as a 29yo I get it a lot and it's just as funny imo

  • Rubatano Oobledocker

    Rubatano Oobledocker

     3 weeks ago

    Everyone talking about how hot Chris is but I still just picture him showing up to my door intending to diddle a kid.

  • Jason todd

    Jason todd

     3 weeks ago

    U know what’s really funny? Is that this chris guy is taking it way too personal to a point that he’s analyzing the tweets.. Go watch logan’s video and look at it from his own perspective and you’ll know that its all a joke to him.. its a whatever to logan but not to chris & thats kinda sad..

  • Shaun Mantell

    Shaun Mantell

     3 weeks ago

    Its weird ass how Pauls are across any criticism,you would think they have advisors to tell them the thing you do to critics....You would think they of all people would know it.

  • Claire Pearce

    Claire Pearce

     3 weeks ago

    Great interviewers!

  • wheendar


     4 weeks ago


  • Tmpys TheMan

    Tmpys TheMan

     4 weeks ago

    who´s here after the fight?