Shading Trump and 'The Crown': Is British royal Princess Anne having her 'moment'?
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FRANCE 24 English: Shading Trump and 'The Crown': Is British royal Princess Anne having her 'moment'?


Published on: Thursday, December 5, 2019

Shading Trump and 'The Crown': Is British royal Princess Anne having her 'moment'?

IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, December 5: We bring you French and international analysis as the first day of a major strike gets underway in France. Is this Emmanuel Macron's baptism by fire? Also, Republicans revolt after a witness in Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry mentions his teenage son, Barron Trump. And after apparently shading Trump and earning adoration in "The Crown", is Queen Elizabeth's daughter Princess Anne having her moment in the spotlight?

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  • Patty Dehaan

    Patty Dehaan

     1 months ago

    These are not constitutional experts you can't take Professor Carlin seriously can you. These are well-known Trump haters and they are reinterpreting our constitution here in the United States for political purposes only they don't know a damn thing about what our forefathers thought these are liberal leftist extremist who don't believe in our constitution which is typical of a lawyer but what were they expertly giving their opinion on they were giving their opinion I'm wearing hat they thought Trump should be impeached which of course there by says yes. They witnessed absolutely nothing they are witnesses to nothing because there was no crime made listen to their words very carefully this isn't about the Constitution this is about a political lynching and they a party to it

  • Dave Best

    Dave Best

     1 months ago

    How can people watch this bullshit?

  • Minuteman


     1 months ago +1

    Quelled the yellow vest movement? They are still out there every weekend and have been for more than a year but the media have not reported it

  • Carlosfabian Ripari

    Carlosfabian Ripari

     1 months ago

    mamá debería estar ahi al lado de mi hermano saludando al presidente de USA