October Questions and Answers
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Titanic: Honor And Glory: October Questions and Answers


Published on: Monday, October 8, 2018

October Questions and Answers

Tackling a few questions for October.

Source: https://youtu.be/aoLDzr-cYm4

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  • Jay Hallman

    Jay Hallman

     10 months ago

    What you’ll are doing is great!

  • Jasper Raine

    Jasper Raine

     11 months ago

    Hey, question for the next q&a, wouldn't the turning of the Titanic trying to avoid the iceberg cause the ship to list while it was turning? I know this happens with modern cruise ships as I've experienced this myself while on a cruise, but what about old ocean liners? Did they experience this because of the water pushing on their sides? Also if it did, will you show that in the game? I've never seen animations of the Titanic that show this and I know it wouldn't affect the end result of the ship sinking, but it's gonna keep bothering me until I get some sort of answer. lol. Also, did the crew try to correct the ship's course at all after the iceberg collision when Captain Smith ordered them to keep going for a few minutes or did they keep turning in a circle or going straight in the new direction they were facing?

  • Detached insight

    Detached insight

     1 years ago

    #QnA On its maiden voyage, the Titanic made two stops - at Cherbourg and Queenstown. Can you tell us a bit more about how the role these two stops will play in the game?

  • J Allen

    J Allen

     1 years ago

    Q.A.how did you learn the titanic, its your country have a course of it or you just do it by yourself.

  • Servesh Singaravelan

    Servesh Singaravelan

     1 years ago

    It's the SS Atlantic isn't it?

  • cliff9685


     1 years ago

    Please for the love of God, if Clive Palmer is really going to be building Titanic 2 for 2022, please get involved!!! I feel you are the ONLY authority for authenticity!!!!! All they have to do is look at your video game and build it exactly. The THG team re probably the only living people that know as much as the people who built the original!! If anything is not exact on the new one it will just be horrible! If they’re spending $500 million at least get it as accurate as possible!



     1 years ago

    Historical/Technical Question
    Did the Grand Staircase's Dome imploded while the ship was sinking in the surface as show in 1997's movie, and if did it will be show somehow in the game?



     1 years ago

    Is the game in 1st person or 3rd person please make 3rd person mode

  • Blargenfladibblenohip !

    Blargenfladibblenohip !

     1 years ago

    The dude that makes these 3d printed models is just killing it now lol I love capitalism.

  • Carl Trotter

    Carl Trotter

     1 years ago

    You should make some investments - maybe put some money together as a team to invest in some real estate to pay for all the expenses or for a lot less money invest in some companies (don't go in the deep end and invest £1000, start off with something around the £100 mark.)

  • CletusNifler


     1 years ago

    Great video and great work. I love how the story follows Owen Robert Morgan but also dives the player into the history with interactive historical npc's. Will there be sort of a freeroam mode where you can just be on the boat or in port at historical locations not having to worry about missions? could be useful for small projects and such or just to relax and explore the locations

  • Arotu97


     1 years ago

    I hope you guys get to complete this amazing game and i am starting to get over my fear of the Titanic because of you guys i have been afraid of it for some reason since 7th grade.

  • Logan Cross

    Logan Cross

     1 years ago

    #QnA why isn't there a mast and crows nest in the models

  • Slava PB

    Slava PB

     1 years ago

    Keep up this amazing work!

  • Daniel Jackman

    Daniel Jackman

     1 years ago

    What do you think of Call of Duty Back Ops 4 Titanic zombies map?

  • GayCunt69420


     1 years ago +1

    Is the next real time animation the S.S Atlantic?

  • Cosell2013


     1 years ago

    #qna will you be given a random identity/ random people chosen as the character.

  • Logan English

    Logan English

     1 years ago

    #QnA in the future would you consider making a real-time sinking of the T.E.V Wahine? it's in a way new zealand's titanic

  • Matthew Thedford

    Matthew Thedford

     1 years ago


    What will you do after the game releases?

  • MagmaRblx YT

    MagmaRblx YT

     1 years ago

    No!! Could you make another batch of 40 for the start of November? I just really want my hands on one!

    *I meant the Calendar