Student allegedly armed with gun shot by police in school: Authorities
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ABC News: Student allegedly armed with gun shot by police in school: Authorities


Published on: Monday, December 2, 2019

Student allegedly armed with gun shot by police in school: Authorities

The 17-year-old arrived to his classroom in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and allegedly would not put the gun down, police said.




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  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

     16 hours ago

    Nah everything is alright as long as the rich capitalists Republicans are enjoying comfortably in their homes

  • Just a Random Guy

    Just a Random Guy

     22 hours ago

    If this still continues there’s only one solution left is by not going to school!

  • Charles Jackson

    Charles Jackson

     1 days ago

    Where these damn kids getting the guns??? The fuck?

  • Barry Sorento

    Barry Sorento

     1 days ago

    Quit forcing kids into government institutions (aka schools). At least back in the day with child labor the kids got paid. 95% of the stuff I learned in high school was completely useless. ABC=propaganda

  • Pamela Harrington

    Pamela Harrington

     2 days ago


  • Советский Союз

    Советский Союз

     2 days ago

    My school had a close call too. My friend brought a gun to school. Langham Creek High School.

  • Justin Crisp , Realtor

    Justin Crisp , Realtor

     3 days ago +3

    Mental health issues are escalating and no one has an answer

  • Justin Crisp , Realtor

    Justin Crisp , Realtor

     3 days ago

    Our country is so screwed up

  • Miguel Avelar

    Miguel Avelar

     3 days ago

    Sad thing is we know it will happen againg and werent doing anything.

  • Zender Bender

    Zender Bender

     3 days ago

    It must be those Amish community, waging war around planet.

  • Robmoney 4life

    Robmoney 4life

     3 days ago

    Lets start subtracting?

  • Moogie B

    Moogie B

     3 days ago

    The fact that the officer did NOT kill the student says a lot. I hope the student gets the help he obviously needs when he recovers. Sounds like law enforcement did an outstanding job in this case.

  • Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

     4 days ago

    It's such a daily thing it ain't even news no more. A week without school shooting is news now days

  • latinworldexplorer


     4 days ago

    But nothing is being done to change the laws the way New Zealand did after just one mass shooting there.

    Here we’re just happy no-one died.

    See ya next shooting. Give it 2 days. At a local school near you.

  • Michael Rosado

    Michael Rosado

     4 days ago

    Whoever was responsible for the title is a moron. An editor that can't edit

  • David Hillard

    David Hillard

     4 days ago

    Teachers and students immediately going into lockjaw.

  • Anaxilius


     4 days ago

    What we’re gonna gear from a shitload of media: Nothing. Because no students died and because the police stopped the shooter. Oh, and because this was suicide by cop, not someone actually looking to shoot up a school. In fact, most school shooters, if not all, aren’t looking to shoot up kids. They’re suicidal and figure they might as well take some others with them. Except for that parkland fucker. And the other bastards that decide it’s too scary to die after they’ve shot people dead.

    Like seriously if you’ve got problems don’t throw them onto others...

  • desert moonlight

    desert moonlight

     4 days ago +2

    Soon they will close schools and every kid will be home schooled

  • william sherman

    william sherman

     4 days ago

    Something is horribly wrong in this country, gun control is not the answer, when I was a teenager in the eighties I had full access to hunting rifle's and hand guns like all my peirs did if their dad's hunted and were into guns just as a hobby. Guess how many school shootings we had?

  • chris klein

    chris klein

     4 days ago

    Sad to say but the gunman doesn’t deserve to live. Who knows what he will be capable of later on in life. Scary thought.

    Thank God none of the teachers or kids were hurt in any way. Kudos to Cops for doing a fantastic job !!!