TheReportOfTheWeek: How Cheesy Is KFC's NEW Cheetos Sandwich?

Published on: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How Cheesy Is KFC's NEW Cheetos Sandwich?

KFC has just released their new Cheetos Sandwich, just how cheesy is it though? I try it out and let you know how it is!




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  • TheReportOfTheWeek


     2 weeks ago +1022

    Make sure you check out my Reviewbrah Merch at

  • Hayden Hartley

    Hayden Hartley

     9 minutes ago

    Stop stuttering and just say what you feel ..don’t read your script and don’t be yourself ..and we are the one watching u know that

  • Teresa Tokyo

    Teresa Tokyo

     22 minutes ago

    Idk why but this guy is a freak and I wanna find out 🤣🤣🤣

  • Danae Jones

    Danae Jones

     32 minutes ago

    You should review Subways new sandwiches that they come out with.

  • Snake Plisskin

    Snake Plisskin

     1 hours ago

    This guy is freakin me out! WTF is he doing? Why is he doing this? Help me, I'm losing my mind!

  • Leader Pig Games

    Leader Pig Games

     1 hours ago

    His fingernails on fleek tho

  • J Scharp

    J Scharp

     2 hours ago

    This dudes a freak

  • Lief Erikson

    Lief Erikson

     5 hours ago

    “isn’t that terrifying?” 😂

  • John Wick

    John Wick

     6 hours ago

    fyi longest video may want to skip.

  • Justice Pearsall

    Justice Pearsall

     6 hours ago

    I think he's kinda cute

  • Vince


     8 hours ago

    Delicate Area 51 hands.

  • Johnredcorn 1

    Johnredcorn 1

     8 hours ago

    If your gonna review food u gotta at least make that first bight more then a tiny nip

  • Johnredcorn 1

    Johnredcorn 1

     8 hours ago

    The way u say Mountain Dew lol

  • DailyDoseOfGaming


     8 hours ago

    Early 1990’s business man

  • Name Unknown

    Name Unknown

     9 hours ago



  • Husse Ali

    Husse Ali

     10 hours ago

    Looks like the food killing you by your look bruh. Need help?

  • Leon Andrews

    Leon Andrews

     13 hours ago

    Who in the name of Christ invented a Cheetos chicken sandwich? I mean really?

  • Itzz VeX

    Itzz VeX

     14 hours ago +1

    This man isn’t a human he is an intelligent extraordinary species smarter than smart

  • Matt Cummer

    Matt Cummer

     15 hours ago

    I can't tell if this is GOLD or this kid is just very awkward.

  • leia gonzalez

    leia gonzalez

     16 hours ago