TheReportOfTheWeek: How Cheesy Is KFC's NEW Cheetos Sandwich?

Published on: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How Cheesy Is KFC's NEW Cheetos Sandwich?

KFC has just released their new Cheetos Sandwich, just how cheesy is it though? I try it out and let you know how it is!




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  • TheReportOfTheWeek


     3 months ago +1119

    Make sure you check out my Reviewbrah Merch at

  • Jiren


     1 days ago

    I thaught the chicken was gonna be orange not Cheetos actually in the sandwich

  • Zach Rozema

    Zach Rozema

     3 days ago

    we know whats in it, i know whats in it, you know whats in it, we all know whats in it

  • Purpadox


     6 days ago

    Walmart cameras:

    Me when i see them: Hello, hi camera

  • KiLsHoT 44

    KiLsHoT 44

     1 weeks ago

    So boring

  • KiLsHoT 44

    KiLsHoT 44

     1 weeks ago

    This dude is too serious

  • Bati Sanchez

    Bati Sanchez

     1 weeks ago

    I watch this while doing homework

  • AIF911


     1 weeks ago

    this vid is too crucial

  • Andrew Beavers

    Andrew Beavers

     1 weeks ago

    Lol "isnt that terrifying"

  • B right

    B right

     1 weeks ago

    They should have made a "cheetos locos taco" instead.

  • B right

    B right

     1 weeks ago

    I was so disappointed in this one from my local bell. Hardly any weird cheese sauce/liquid/powder...whatever it was..

  • Sara Roseman

    Sara Roseman

     2 weeks ago

    Isn't that terrifying?

  • TheConspiredOne


     2 weeks ago

    Can you please get drunk one time?

  • Zak Yaws

    Zak Yaws

     2 weeks ago

    He's out here learning life lessons from this sandwich

  • Sierra_ PNW

    Sierra_ PNW

     2 weeks ago

    I really do look forward to watching all of your videos with each notification. Keep being awesome! 🤙🏼

  • Paul Rivera

    Paul Rivera

     2 weeks ago

    It always take this guy about 20 mins before he taste something

  • Big country's poundcake

    Big country's poundcake

     2 weeks ago

    I always eat my cheetos with Mayo

  • Thúy Nguyễn

    Thúy Nguyễn

     2 weeks ago


  • RAID_Killua YT

    RAID_Killua YT

     2 weeks ago

    No homo I luv this dude he needs to pass t-series and us the reviewbro’s need to support him

  • zach young

    zach young

     3 weeks ago

    dudes looking like Accountant Dracula