CLICK HOUSE TOUR! Ft. Muselk, Loserfruit, Crayator, BazzaGazza & Marcus
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Click: CLICK HOUSE TOUR! Ft. Muselk, Loserfruit, Crayator, BazzaGazza & Marcus


Published on: Saturday, September 15, 2018

CLICK HOUSE TOUR! Ft. Muselk, Loserfruit, Crayator, BazzaGazza & Marcus

Welcome to Click's Official House Tour! More content coming soon.

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  • Click


     1 years ago +4147

    We hope you enjoyed our official Click house tour! We have so much content coming your way so make sure you subscribe and follow the new Click socials to be a part of this incredible adventure. We couldn't do this without you!

  • ProGamer23


     20 minutes ago +1

    Muesli you look like Elon musk lol

  • Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

     1 days ago

    Cool house

  • Jay Animates

    Jay Animates

     1 days ago

    “Going down the elevator is essential.”
    - Muselk 2018

    Me: yeah right you should start burning calories elliot..

  • The Gaming Pire

    The Gaming Pire

     3 days ago +2

    Who's watching a year and 4 months later



     3 days ago +1

    Obviously Elliot gets the biggest room

  • It’s Drift

    It’s Drift

     5 days ago +1

    Where’s lannen

  • Zozo Pixel

    Zozo Pixel

     5 days ago +1

    11:40 LAAAACHYYYYY....

  • GlØw SavaGe

    GlØw SavaGe

     5 days ago +1

    Lazarbeam has almost as many subscribers as all 5 of you combined

  • GlØw SavaGe

    GlØw SavaGe

     5 days ago +1

    Elliot shows 1 million subscriber plaque
    Lazarbeam shows 10 million subscriber plaque Lannan: GET ON MY LEVEL!!!!!!!

  • Andy 00200

    Andy 00200

     1 weeks ago

    Just had to revisit the origin of what has become my favorite YouTube Channel. I love all the members of Click as individual members, and I love them all together in Click even more.

  • Kassandra Russo

    Kassandra Russo

     1 weeks ago

    lacy is my fav where is he

  • Gu Miya

    Gu Miya

     1 weeks ago

    Where is lachy?

  • Ben Ellis

    Ben Ellis

     1 weeks ago +1

    poor bazz

  • N


     1 weeks ago +1

    Click is the Australian offline tv

  • voyager


     1 weeks ago +1

    at 1:48 you can see the cameraman with a panda mask

  • Xx Alexia - Playz xX

    Xx Alexia - Playz xX

     1 weeks ago

    Front door???

  • Ivann 1098

    Ivann 1098

     1 weeks ago

    Where is LZ

  • AeonMike


     1 weeks ago

    Who else cameback to this video after they moved into their new smaller house?

  • Raewyn Huddy

    Raewyn Huddy

     2 weeks ago

    Lachlan hasn’t bean in one video