"When the Halloween Decorations Start Bleeding" | Creepy Pasta Storytime
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MrCreepyPasta: "When the Halloween Decorations Start Bleeding" | Creepy Pasta Storytime


Published on: Monday, November 11, 2019

"When the Halloween Decorations Start Bleeding" | Creepy Pasta Storytime

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  • El Chirpo

    El Chirpo

     6 days ago

    This was super dark. I love it

  • Shawn Brumfield

    Shawn Brumfield

     2 weeks ago

    As a father this is the single scariest pasta I've ever heard

  • MBRSJ Art

    MBRSJ Art

     3 weeks ago

    Ooh, nice twist.

  • Michael Breiter

    Michael Breiter

     3 weeks ago

    I thought Ben drowned

  • Bloodybleeder


     3 weeks ago

    The WIFE tho? That never happens nowadays!

  • Crusix Angel

    Crusix Angel

     3 weeks ago


  • Devin Conlan

    Devin Conlan

     3 weeks ago

    The halloween decorations are bleeding! oh no better get a bandadge for them.

  • FreakShow 16

    FreakShow 16

     3 weeks ago

    I thought at first that there was going to be in makeshift bomb in the scarecrow

  • Justin Lowry

    Justin Lowry

     3 weeks ago

    You deserve way more subscribers honestly. Your stories are amazing.

  • Lisa Kossik

    Lisa Kossik

     3 weeks ago


  • Daniel Chanka

    Daniel Chanka

     3 weeks ago

    What happened to the rest of the story? 😕

  • Makayla Hall

    Makayla Hall

     3 weeks ago

    Didn't know decorations could have periods

  • IloveWaffles#zenolove


     3 weeks ago

    Everybody gangsta till the fake blood starts bleeding

  • Matt Krapf

    Matt Krapf

     3 weeks ago +3

    That was actually a great one good job to who ever is the author.

  • Richard Capella

    Richard Capella

     3 weeks ago +1

    Holy fricken WOW, did not see that coming!!! So dark, so disturbing, so mind twistingly AWESOME!!!!! Totally love all you do, please keep em coming!!!!!!!

  • Niccole Hoody

    Niccole Hoody

     3 weeks ago

    Wow dang 😨

  • Asuna Chan

    Asuna Chan

     3 weeks ago

    Spooky. ♥️🇵🇭👻

  • I X

    I X

     3 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh. So messed up. Love it.

  • jai lyricz

    jai lyricz

     3 weeks ago

    "The blood got a kid and a dog "😭🤣
    I was looking for a sequel lol

  • Dean Denton

    Dean Denton

     3 weeks ago

    WOW!!! That was a good one.