Turnin Rust: Abandoned 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Driven From Grave After 10 Years | Turnin Rust

Published on: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Abandoned 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Driven From Grave After 10 Years | Turnin Rust

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Lance gets a lead on a 1978 & a 1981 Pontiac Trans Am that have been abandoned for close to 10 Years.

The team heads out to see if these two beauties are worth saving, and if they can score a deal on the two.

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  • Turnin Rust

    Turnin Rust

     1 months ago +151

    Hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you did, make sure you subscribe for new weekly content!!

  • Rangel Moraes

    Rangel Moraes

     12 minutes ago

    Adoro esse carro,🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Rogério Fernandes

    Rogério Fernandes

     3 hours ago

    Carro muito bonito

  • joe jhon

    joe jhon

     10 hours ago

    camera so clean

  • Dennis Long

    Dennis Long

     15 hours ago +1

    Smoking deal! Nuff said!

  • Sideshow Bob

    Sideshow Bob

     18 hours ago

    that chevy looks gay as shit

  • Herr Unsinn

    Herr Unsinn

     19 hours ago

    What language are these guys speaking?

  • Ninos Huerta

    Ninos Huerta

     22 hours ago

    What motor is that on the 77 or 78

  • First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

     1 days ago

    lost me in 10 seconds with, "serving god and building rods"

    but was jesus a ford or chev guy? Or a heathen mopar?

    FiNd OuT NeXt WeEk oN,

    "PrAiSiN ThE lOrD & rAcInG FoRdS"

    or the spin-off

    "cRoSs' ArE hEaVy & RaCiN cHeVyS"

    or maybe

    "tUrNiN wAtEr InTo wInE & BeAtIn yOu OfF tHe LiNe"

  • Gogeta Blue26

    Gogeta Blue26

     1 days ago

    I don't see much problem in these cars compare to other ones
    They fixed that really are abondon . The gears are the only problem

  • MNEmania


     1 days ago

    That is 2 hack of the cars! Love it.

  • Barry Mantz

    Barry Mantz

     1 days ago +1

    Who needs brakes? You're in a Trans Am! That's a real dad!

  • Ivan Ballester

    Ivan Ballester

     1 days ago

    Autos clásicos de todos los tiempos un sueño para cualquier ser humano

  • Mark Czaja

    Mark Czaja

     2 days ago

    That bird will fly again

  • albechien Albec

    albechien Albec

     2 days ago

    You spend time, serving the car after world war 2.

  • Harvey Manwarren

    Harvey Manwarren

     2 days ago

    marvel mistory oil is the best way to un
    stick them

  • William Helm

    William Helm

     2 days ago +1

    That chevy truck really dragging tail with ONLY trailer on it? Wow

  • LogicalScience


     3 days ago

    You should know better than touch the emergency brake on something sitting that long. Those trucks at the end of video are awesome.



     3 days ago

    Left off one item at this time power steering fluid.



     3 days ago +2

    I would like to see u guys rebuild it and make the car look new.great videos