Turnin Rust: Abandoned 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Driven From Grave After 10 Years | Turnin Rust

Published on: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Abandoned 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Driven From Grave After 10 Years | Turnin Rust

We are hosting our 2nd Annual Turnin Rust Car, Truck & Bike show September 14th, 2019.
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Lance gets a lead on a 1978 & a 1981 Pontiac Trans Am that have been abandoned for close to 10 Years.

The team heads out to see if these two beauties are worth saving, and if they can score a deal on the two.

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  • Turnin Rust

    Turnin Rust

     3 months ago +252

    Hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you did, make sure you subscribe for new weekly content!!

  • John Nehls

    John Nehls

     9 hours ago

    How bout an update on the cars progress



     1 days ago

    I will give you 2000$.

  • Ed Mora

    Ed Mora

     2 days ago

    I’ll take the 1978.

  • neleknuse nikdy

    neleknuse nikdy

     2 days ago

    BEst Video :)

  • Basir Abraham

    Basir Abraham

     3 days ago

    Hi I am a very big fan of classic muscle cars we don’t have many in the UK I always wanted one but there not many in the UK specially not project ones I was looking for a car 1967 or 68 Mustang or a Camero SS
    If you have any idea someone is selling it in the United States or you have one I just want it in running condition

  • Joe Mccallum

    Joe Mccallum

     3 days ago +1

    Ur straps are the wrong way, u can secure better pulling on a ratchet strap vs pushing on one.

  • Engine Store

    Engine Store

     3 days ago

    New subscriber here! Accidentally found the channel and loved it. Just curious though. When did you figure out that you were only running on 6 cylinders from the crossed sparkplug wires? Bet she ran like a top when you corrected it. Can easily see them in the video. But we've been doing engines for 45 years now. Great video!

  • Kenyadik Juak

    Kenyadik Juak

     4 days ago

    where is continuing this video

  • James Speetjens

    James Speetjens

     4 days ago

    Po ole negligee thought it was a Cadillac

  • Reggie Anderson

    Reggie Anderson

     5 days ago

    2 grand and you try to talk him down? That’s messed up.

  • Vasko Chicago

    Vasko Chicago

     5 days ago

    Respectable southern deal. I love how the owner didn't take the first offer as if he kbew he was gonna negotiate at 1500 the said id throw wheels and extra parts and meet you half way take me for a ride too.

  • Enrique Lopez

    Enrique Lopez

     5 days ago +1

    Glad you got the Trans-Am going.

  • Pontiac Maniac

    Pontiac Maniac

     5 days ago

    That was a great deal for those cars. I think the T-tops alone would cost close to 1800.

  • Terry Burke

    Terry Burke

     6 days ago

    His son is crazy for not wanting that car!!!

  • Brandon Havens

    Brandon Havens

     1 weeks ago

    Smile on my face!

  • Right Hand

    Right Hand

     1 weeks ago

    Why do people like tires on trucks like that, it is ugly and is bad for your vehicle

  • Kevin Kauffman

    Kevin Kauffman

     1 weeks ago

    It was great to hear that old 400 come back to life. Probably don't want to open up the back two barrels on that Rochester Quadrajet on the drive home. I miss my 1975 T/A.

  • S Shake

    S Shake

     1 weeks ago

    too many ads

  • Jimmy q dizon Dizonofman

    Jimmy q dizon Dizonofman

     1 weeks ago

    Pontiac trans am night rider movie? Good hubby also fix car the classic huh? Yes or no?