Godzilla's Monsterverse Completely Explained!
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Published on: Thursday, June 6, 2019

Godzilla's Monsterverse Completely Explained!

We've finally got another cinematic universe to look forward to! With so many monsters in this new franchise, we think it's time for us to breakdown all the monsterverse's monsters. From King Kong to Godzilla, Mothra to King Ghidora, these kaiju seem like they're here to stay! What's your favourite monster in the Monsterverse?

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     14 hours ago

    When Kong Hit Godzilla it's like FATAL ERROR

  • Dextin Montgomery

    Dextin Montgomery

     2 days ago

    This is my #2 cinematography universes with the MCU being #1

  • Aryrix 1

    Aryrix 1

     4 days ago

    I just saw king of monsters. The monster were great. It was just all the little things that ruined it for me. All of them should be dead from radiation. The dragon hydra cat 6 hurricane was pathetic. Just a little rain storm. I dont see how long can possibly match Godzilla. But I see potential in this world. They really need to get better writers in the room though.

  • Varun Menon

    Varun Menon

     4 days ago

    It escaped Chuck Norris aquarium

  • Jaii Frost

    Jaii Frost

     5 days ago


  • Ricardo Angeles

    Ricardo Angeles

     5 days ago

    good video. Long live the king

  • RaginCanadian1997


     6 days ago

    Don't forget that Ghidorah is also an alien lifeform from space. 👍

  • JackassJunior627


     6 days ago

    Umm.. I believe you forgot three other titans lady. Scylla, Methusula, and Behemoth.

  • Christopher Ezernack

    Christopher Ezernack

     1 weeks ago

    Violence is not the answer but it is fun

  • Beck Bro GHIDORAH

    Beck Bro GHIDORAH

     1 weeks ago

    Can you tell us what is the difference between GODZILLA (2014) And GODZILLA (2019)

  • Pingi2009 Gaming

    Pingi2009 Gaming

     1 weeks ago

    i seen litteratly all the godsilla movies

  • Yusuf aydın

    Yusuf aydın

     2 weeks ago


  • sharath.kiran Burgoju

    sharath.kiran Burgoju

     2 weeks ago

    Any possibility of Pacific Rim and Godzilla with Kong.. It's kinda my type of crossover ❤️

  • Soul Of A Christian

    Soul Of A Christian

     3 weeks ago

    Who else came here to see what they got Wrong!?

  • tukurenkobra123 tukuren kobra 123

    tukurenkobra123 tukuren kobra 123

     3 weeks ago +7

    Godzilla vs Kong:

    Godzilla: lets call mothra

    Kong: this is not fair i dont have any friends in skull island.

  • William Lawton

    William Lawton

     3 weeks ago

    Why be a king like King Ghidorah, when you could be a God like Godzilla

  • Yoda


     4 weeks ago +2

    Did you really say ‘humankind’?

  • Lethal Lunatic

    Lethal Lunatic

     1 months ago

    Godzilla fought off a ton of city killing monsters and what did kong  fight off ?

  • Megalon73


     1 months ago

    Those who say "Godzilla: King of the Monsters". Is a Box office disappointment? The are complete morons, Especially dumb fans who waste there time on Disney movies like Captain Marvel and The Lion King (Remake).

  • Larz Gustafsson

    Larz Gustafsson

     1 months ago +1

    Kong; Skull Island is a brilliant movie.