Corridor Crew: VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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The Crew reacts to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?

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  • Diamond Gamer231

    Diamond Gamer231

     19 hours ago

    The jaegers had a new upgrade so mark 6 or 7 can move faster

  • Entertainment 24/7

    Entertainment 24/7

     2 days ago

    Name of the last movie

  • O'Neil Benjamin

    O'Neil Benjamin

     2 days ago

    There is like nothing better than this on You Tube

  • Austin Directo

    Austin Directo

     2 days ago

    You guys gotta feel bad for Justice League though. There was just so much that went wrong behind the scenes that things could not go right on screen. I thought the movie was better then people set it out to be.

  • Austin Directo

    Austin Directo

     2 days ago

    Niko: Do you wanna see the best miniature explosion?
    gets ad where tanks are blowing things up in the desert for request to join the army

  • Christian Moreno

    Christian Moreno

     3 days ago

    the MAHtrix

  • D-MF-L


     3 days ago

    Corridor Crew vs Mysterio Crew from SM: FFH

  • Blue Mos

    Blue Mos

     4 days ago

    Watch this cgi of a football match from an Indian film in 2019: @

  • Carl Smith

    Carl Smith

     5 days ago

    “That little chunk comes off, and it just floats there.” 12:38

    That’s not what you’re seeing there, guys. The first “chunk” that falls lands on his shoulder, that’s why it bounces.

  • Benjamin Rudnicki

    Benjamin Rudnicki

     5 days ago


  • Chris Gibson

    Chris Gibson

     6 days ago

    Dang, y'all make me feel dumb. Im learning vfx is the real hero of Hollywood

  • Unknown Character

    Unknown Character

     6 days ago

    The fact that the robot move faster in the pacific rim 2 is becoz they upgrade it, it more advance than in the previous one.

  • Identity Withheld

    Identity Withheld

     1 weeks ago

    Automatic dislike

  • Amit Shrivastava

    Amit Shrivastava

     1 weeks ago

    Please talks about transformers CGI

  • AnmoL SrA

    AnmoL SrA

     1 weeks ago

    12:47 his body was tumbled look closely in the reflection at the back !

  • Ross Haseman

    Ross Haseman

     1 weeks ago

    How did they not include the American Sniper baby, just for a 5 second joke?

  • EnderGeek


     1 weeks ago

    Please the me where I can find the video with the Pacific Rim scale model before and after!

  • Mateusz


     1 weeks ago

    what what what, was this film, about cuting some asian with sword? XD

  • B.K. Price

    B.K. Price

     1 weeks ago

    "It looks like the guy on the left just got out of a dental exam." Which leads to the question, how does Superman get his teeth worked on? If he has a cavity or tooth decay, can they actually be pulled or drilled?

  • My Apps

    My Apps

     1 weeks ago

    You guys should watch this STUPID!!! Dumb reaction dumb comments!