Corridor Crew: VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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The Crew reacts to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?

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  • Jordan Mai

    Jordan Mai

     2 hours ago

    Can we do a review of the greatest showman for the small man?

  • GamerSalt


     4 hours ago

    Not sure if this was already said, but the resident evil clip where the guy falls to pieces. I think the first piece stopped because it's supposed to have landed on his shoulder

  • Preston Davis

    Preston Davis

     9 hours ago

    Can quote whole movie but can’t pronounce “The Matrix” right

  • Santhosh SA

    Santhosh SA

     12 hours ago

    FIX cavils's moustache from justice league!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS!!!!!

  • bolly wog

    bolly wog

     12 hours ago

    The resident evil laser scenes were actually practical,
    Look up Resident Evil: Making of the infamous "laser dicing" scene.

  • Kilian Rayleigh

    Kilian Rayleigh

     16 hours ago

    With Superman's mustache, I wonder if they tried glueing it down, and then with makeup colour correcting it and concealing it. You know, like some drag queens do with their eyebrows. Would that work? I mean, they would probably have to make it less noticeable with VFX, but they probably wouldn't have had as many issues with the muscles around the mouth.

  • Maurice Kay

    Maurice Kay

     1 days ago

    The eye melting like an egg might be a reference to 1929's "Un chien andalou " by Luis Bunuel. Just sayin'

  • Benjamin Barley

    Benjamin Barley

     1 days ago

    Arthur: ledgend of the sword, you guys gotta do the scenes where he has the sword

  • Menstrel


     1 days ago

    3:22 There is no such thing as a cool moustache.

  • Cryogenic Toast

    Cryogenic Toast

     1 days ago

    I got dragged to see that twilight movie with my now wife, and when that scene came up, a guy yells “OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” And the entire audiences loses their shit. 12/10 would never want to see again

  • Anish Pansare

    Anish Pansare

     1 days ago

    I can see the bridge it's coming 😂😂😂😂8:52

  • Menstrel


     1 days ago

    Corridor Crew - VFX Artists React to CGi

  • tuzori18sage


     1 days ago

    You guys can't be serious! I loved the Pacific Rim sequel MORE than the first!



     1 days ago

    Resct to kickass

  • Mann Made

    Mann Made

     1 days ago

    That fucking Soyboy on the far left. How in the fuck can you do FX work for movies and you never watch any movies? Jesus that's fucked up. He's always saying :I've never seen that" Does live on desert island?

  • Joel William

    Joel William

     2 days ago

    That chunk of his face in Resident Evil you talked about, you said it should've tumbled down simply and not take a pause. You're wrong there I think, it landed on his shoulder first so the pause was needed there and then it continued.

  • The JayShray Way

    The JayShray Way

     2 days ago

    “i nEvER SaW iT”

  • Pete Miffle

    Pete Miffle

     2 days ago

    Loooootta stupid people in the comments who didn't get that his pronunciation of "Matrix" was purposely wrong.

  • R.Shankara shrish sujay

    R.Shankara shrish sujay

     2 days ago

    The criss cross shot , the guy got sliced by the lasers , he could have walked back a couple of steps , he might have been alive. It's just stupid .

  • Generic


     2 days ago

    look at the baby from son of the mask please