Tasty: We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty

“It’s going to be 20 times the size of a normal bowl of ramen.”
FOODBEAST - https://www.foodbeast.com/news/50-pound-ramen-bowl-ice/

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Japanese Barbecued Char Siu Pork Ramen Noodles
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Miso Ramen noodles with egg, enoki and pak choi
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Source: https://youtu.be/h0IPcqF2q9U

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  • Shadow71


     1 hours ago

    Using that Lodge Cast Iron pan, made in my town of South Pittsburg Tennessee, YeeYee

  • Markson Png

    Markson Png

     1 hours ago

    The Sumo wrestler is a big ball of cuteness😊😊😊😊

  • Luk3z stuff

    Luk3z stuff

     2 hours ago

    Sate sate sate

  • park chaeyoung's a wifey

    park chaeyoung's a wifey

     2 hours ago


  • MoniiBuns


     2 hours ago


  • Rebekah


     3 hours ago

    i didn't come here to say this.. but. what they did to eggie junior is literally what a thousand of abortionists do to children. (unborn children).



     3 hours ago

    also WAYYYY to much noodles/veg. More broth needed. You didnt "do good" sad

  • Paperflower


     3 hours ago

    I ship it!



     3 hours ago

    17:38 cringe

  • Slayden Playz

    Slayden Playz

     3 hours ago

    They took the poor peoples bowl

  • Randall Laser

    Randall Laser

     4 hours ago

    Giant Sushi pls! It’s my dream to eat it

  • Medinasaur422


     4 hours ago

    Giant lamb gyro!

  • Setiawan Adi

    Setiawan Adi

     4 hours ago

    This dude killed by John Wick!

  • Lillian Girard

    Lillian Girard

     4 hours ago

    They would be cute

  • nhb


     5 hours ago

    I want ramen!

  • Ana Banana2470

    Ana Banana2470

     5 hours ago

    20:00 He looks like a baby... so cute 😂☺️

  • FaZe J

    FaZe J

     5 hours ago

    What type of dream is to make food for a sumo wrestler 😂😂

  • Gwyn Adams

    Gwyn Adams

     5 hours ago

    My favorite one yet!

  • Nate Ballard

    Nate Ballard

     6 hours ago

    How did they not cry when they chopped the onions

  • OoF ShReK

    OoF ShReK

     7 hours ago

    i've watched this so many times it's like not healthy at this point