Adam Vinatieri Shanks Go-Ahead Field Goal | Colts vs. Steelers | NFL
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Highlight Heaven: Adam Vinatieri Shanks Go-Ahead Field Goal | Colts vs. Steelers | NFL

Published on: Sunday, November 3, 2019

Adam Vinatieri Shanks Go-Ahead Field Goal | Colts vs. Steelers | NFL

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  • TheManicOfRoblox


     5 days ago

    Omg. Mark Sanchez?YES I LOVE HIM ;))) SURE I DO :)

  • Daniel Sorrentino

    Daniel Sorrentino

     6 days ago

    Lot of people point out the laces but it’s worth noting that his foot also clipped the ground inches before the ball, probably knocked his foot off track.

  • Ninja _ Ligma _ Scammer

    Ninja _ Ligma _ Scammer

     1 weeks ago

    Watching pat macafee explain it said a lot. It’s the whole team’s fault. Don’t blame the kicker and don’t blame the holder.

  • Carlos Valverde

    Carlos Valverde

     1 weeks ago

    He needs some #sr4ulaces

  • Cody Oztriker

    Cody Oztriker

     1 weeks ago

    What the fuck is his deal this year and how does he have a job still?

  • Dee walker

    Dee walker

     1 weeks ago

    Laces out Dan

  • Rocky Major

    Rocky Major

     1 weeks ago

    You can’t have the laces facing the kicker😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Boteler

    Jordan Boteler

     1 weeks ago

    I’m a Steelers fan and I saw it and I was so happy

  • TinderGaveMeHIV


     1 weeks ago

    That’s karma for the two pass interferences that weren’t overturned

  • Bernando Turner

    Bernando Turner

     1 weeks ago

    Adam Vinatieri!!! Been soooo goood in the NFL the Last 50 year’s SO WHAT???HE MISSED ONE!!!!! NOBODY BETTER NOT BOTHER HIM!😂😂😂

  • Logan's Reactions

    Logan's Reactions

     1 weeks ago

    Bout time to retire am I right

  • Gael Chavez

    Gael Chavez

     1 weeks ago +1

    The colts just need to take Adam outside, load the shotgun, and let him go peacefully

  • Joseph Scaduto

    Joseph Scaduto

     1 weeks ago

    If he didn’t kick those super bowl winning FGs moments like these would have ruined his career

  • jacksonbear1


     1 weeks ago

    To be fair, the ball wasn’t placed right

  • Aaron Mitchell

    Aaron Mitchell

     1 weeks ago

    As a Colts fan, I love my man Vinatieri, but I can’t defend him, since week 8 of last season I’ve been scared to watch him kick, he may be the goat but he isn’t good anymore and needs to retire

  • Sporting Today

    Sporting Today

     1 weeks ago

    Dang Now I can't troll my math teacher

  • G-Dub 85

    G-Dub 85

     1 weeks ago +2

    Belichick - “Tucker is the greatest kicker in the nfl”

  • Jim C. Goodfellas

    Jim C. Goodfellas

     1 weeks ago

    Is that Mark Sanchez???

  • Matthew


     1 weeks ago +3

    That’s me in madden when kicking an extra point

  • Tanner Rienbolt

    Tanner Rienbolt

     1 weeks ago

    You cant blame the laces on this one, he hit the ground before he even got to the ball

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