The Royal Family Channel: Adorable Prince Louis waves at planes during Trooping the Colour flypast

Published on: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Adorable Prince Louis waves at planes during Trooping the Colour flypast

Prince Louis joined his brother and sister Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the Buckingham Palace balcony for Trooping the Colour.

They waved at crowds outside the palace and RAF planes making their flypast.

The event, which marks the official Birthday of the Queen, involves over 1,400 officers and infantrymen on parade.

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  • Sel in

    Sel in

     22 hours ago

    2:00 See Meagain, they came for me not for you !!!

  • Nye Be

    Nye Be

     1 days ago

    1:28 was a point where Harry really was being in control of the situation. Anthem was about to start, logical that EVERYONE needs to give respect.

  • Texas Made

    Texas Made

     1 weeks ago

    Beautiful family !! But why is Charles face always red ?

  • Mari Vaz

    Mari Vaz

     1 weeks ago

    Aww prince Louis is a cutie😘😘😘 !!

  • Jade Marshall

    Jade Marshall

     1 weeks ago

    I love our Queen. And George, Charlotte and Louis are adorable. X

  • Naureen balan

    Naureen balan

     2 weeks ago +1

    Meghan looks out of place in trooping with the colors. She breaks etique so she stands out in bad way.

  • Artur Rofi

    Artur Rofi

     3 weeks ago

    βœ‹ Louis & Family.

  • Trevor Capleton

    Trevor Capleton

     4 weeks ago

    LAZIEST royal 5th year!

  • Haritha Telugu

    Haritha Telugu

     1 months ago

    πŸƒπŸ’•Wow.. Grand Event..Louis is Adorable Baby.. God bless Royal Family Forever..πŸŒ·πŸ’•

  • Angel Sheilla

    Angel Sheilla

     1 months ago +1

    How lovely father n mother..Prince William n Princess Kate.

  • lord voldemort

    lord voldemort

     1 months ago +3

    Louis has such a charming personality. So cute!

  • Marietta Wilson

    Marietta Wilson

     1 months ago +1

    I think little Louie will always. Enjoy everything,he is a treasure,as the others are

  • kyle ptrick

    kyle ptrick

     1 months ago

    Prince Luis is also like his uncle Harry who has a habit of thumbsuck when harry is still young age.

  • deshela


     1 months ago

    Prince Louis ...He is an adorable baby indeed.. I look at this for several times, Wish Grandma Diana stand up here to hold her little grandson. Prince Louis... Why she must gone too soon? I am sure she will be happy to see her grandchildren from Heaven..

  • Chris


     1 months ago

    For Camilla seems the noise is too noisy. I bet the planes are ear splitting.

  • Mary Lau

    Mary Lau

     1 months ago

    ι¦™ζΈ―θ­¦ε―ŸηŽ‹ζœ‰ε‡ ε€‹οΌŒζž—ι„­ζ‡‰θ©²ε«εœ†ζŠ›ι ­ιœ²ι’ε€§εƒθ­¦ε―ŸηŽ‹θ‚₯-衷!

  • haha xd

    haha xd

     1 months ago

    Does anyone know who is the boy standing next to Prince George in 0:41?

  • 農婦


     2 months ago


  • Two5 Arts

    Two5 Arts

     2 months ago

    This Chanel has become somekind of comedy circus joke idk ... All i see they go to some place then ppl honour them then they say bye bye then it all ends what a life .. this is getting funnier with every post

  • Gianmarco Sabato

    Gianmarco Sabato

     2 months ago +2

    Our lovely Queen Elizabeth and Future King Harry And Queen Meghan πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§