JablinskiGames: We're in Europe Y'all

Published on: Friday, June 7, 2019

We're in Europe Y'all

Shot by: https://instagram.com/jackblack
Edited by: https://instagram.com/mrtaylorstephens
Jack White IG: https://instagram.com/officialjackwhitelive
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June 01 - London, United Kingdom
June 02- London, United Kingdom
June 04- Copenhagen, Denmark
June 05- Oslo, Norway
June 06 - Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 08 - Nuremberg, Germany
June 09 - Nürburg, Germany
June 10 - Landgraaf, Netherlands
July 25 - Morrison, CO
July 27 - Kansas City, MO
July 28 - Lincoln, NE
July 30 - Saint Paul, MN
July 31 - Saint Paul, MN
August 02 - St. Louis, MO
August 03 - Chicago, IL
August 04 - Nashville, TN
August 05 - Atlanta, GA
September 28 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 01 - Bogotá, Colombia
October 15 - New Orleans, LA
October 16 - Houston, TX
October 17 - Austin, TX
October 19 - Dallas, TX
October 20 - Oklahoma City, OK
October 21 - Tulsa, OK
October 23 - Phoenix, AZ
October 25 - San Francisco, CA
October 26 - Reno, NV
October 27 - Santa Barbara, CA
October 29 - Los Angeles, CA

Source: https://youtu.be/hxmHFS6h_bI

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  • PkmnGo Smitty

    PkmnGo Smitty

     3 days ago

    Man walking back out on the stage in Copenhagen one hell of a gig simulator isn't it? You have the best job on the planet.

  • Mr. Hoppelelefant

    Mr. Hoppelelefant

     5 days ago +1

    I do not understand how this video has 1 mil hits only when the channel has 4.25 mil followers... is the rest still waiting for a depression to kick in before watching it?

  • RaSkipper


     1 weeks ago

    Black? White?

    This is how Grey Matters started and led to Breaking Bad

  • Insomniac Maniac

    Insomniac Maniac

     2 weeks ago +1

    But that’s Ghosts n Goblins! Gawd Jablinski

  • Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

    Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

     3 weeks ago

    And it has the warlock headstock

  • Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

    Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

     3 weeks ago

    I have a k.k.v.

  • Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

    Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

     3 weeks ago

    And at the same time music and metal have always been a part of my life at this point in time my favorite gutter is my b. c. rich

  • Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

    Matthew Vienneau aka off road matty

     3 weeks ago

    Wake n bake man ! I would not be the same person without pick of destiny

  • Sofa King

    Sofa King

     3 weeks ago

    They know how to do tea right.
    Does it wrong.



     1 months ago

    Why did you go to Europe

  • Masta Vo

    Masta Vo

     1 months ago

    You should be filling the empty jars with your gamer boy bathwater, whole new revenue stream :)

  • Casual Iguana

    Casual Iguana

     1 months ago

    Jack wearing Blackcraft nice!

  • Palliot Wires

    Palliot Wires

     1 months ago

    @jablinski this is very neeta

  • The Truth

    The Truth

     1 months ago

    Come to the UK 🇬🇧

  • Tanknorris


     1 months ago

    @jackblack when u coming to Scotland to do a gig

  • Hooked On Chronics

    Hooked On Chronics

     1 months ago +2

    Jack Black + Jack White + Scarlet Johansson = PiNK

  • Robert MacDonald

    Robert MacDonald

     1 months ago

    Hey Jack! Next time you guys perform you should do the halo theme song and get the audience involved assuming they know the tune. That would be super cool. 😁

  • Axewhipe


     1 months ago

    If you go to BIP BIP and use the mens restroom, you could say Jack Black kissed your ass. You are ass cousins and will be forever. I would drag my ball sack through hot lava just to ass kiss Jack Blacks ass cheeks. I would lick that toilet seat like it was the last droplets of water on earth. Like it were Popeyes Chicken Sandwich crumbs like if Leonardo Di Caprio left DNA to make you better at life.

  • Tony From Syracuse

    Tony From Syracuse

     1 months ago

    Geeez look at that arena! I had no idea tenacious D were that huge there

  • Bang Napi

    Bang Napi

     1 months ago

    Jack upgrade 😂😂