TheReportOfTheWeek: Burger King's NEW Rodeo King Review

Published on: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Burger King's NEW Rodeo King Review

Burger King has brought back the Rodeo King burger to their menu, featuring bacon, onion strips and BBQ sauce! What does it taste like? I try it out and keep you updated.




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  • TheReportOfTheWeek


     4 weeks ago +451

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  • Ashley aka Leopardgirl8282

    Ashley aka Leopardgirl8282

     21 hours ago

    You’re so adorable

  • Musicmann1022


     22 hours ago +1

    Review brah - please don't knock Mayo as face cream. I use before I go into sun. I get a real nice crispy texture on my rosacea.

  • Mr C

    Mr C

     1 days ago

    Review the new pulled pork king!

  • Roger Bumface

    Roger Bumface

     1 days ago

    Cut ur nails u dweeb

  • beauty kim choo choo

    beauty kim choo choo

     1 days ago

    i love your videos !!!!! just only one thing that bothers me... please cut your nails down a little bit bacteria will grow and you do a lot of food videos please too long

  • Specter


     2 days ago

    Seeing his smile is so satisfying on both ends of the video

  • Moosh Moosh

    Moosh Moosh

     2 days ago +1

    that is one sad looking burger.

  • Nick Diciurcio

    Nick Diciurcio

     3 days ago

    I’ve always wondered if you ever finish the food if not there are lotta hungry people out there that wouldn’t mind eating the rest

  • angel molina

    angel molina

     3 days ago

    If I was so hungry I’d gobble that burger up 😍😭👌

  • Thats Meat Man

    Thats Meat Man

     4 days ago

    Hey I work there

  • Miranda Gartin

    Miranda Gartin

     4 days ago

    I tried it and didn’t like it at all. It has way too much cheese and the onion rings were soggy.

  • Rob P.

    Rob P.

     4 days ago

    I'll give it to Burger King on this one: If you are hungry and you order this sandwich, you will not be hungry any longer. It's pricey in the world of fast food, but for the sheer amount of food you receive I think it's an excellent deal. On top of that, it is quite a tasty mix of tart, salty, sweet, and savory. The onion rings on top are surprisingly crunchy and add a lot of texture that might otherwise be drowned out by the two large patties. Other than the fact that you feel like a truck hit your lower intestine about 2 hours after eating it, it's about as good as you're going to get from a fast food joint.

  • Glo Doll

    Glo Doll

     5 days ago


  • Sebastian Tafoya

    Sebastian Tafoya

     5 days ago

    it feels so weird when people from the US say that burger king is usually bad when here in Mexico it is really good, the one I agree with is KFC, no matter which country it will always bee too greasy

  • N U T T

    N U T T

     6 days ago

    I can listen to his intro for an hour.

  • DominosAndHearts


     6 days ago

    $8 in Australian dollars, we pay that for an average whopper/burger from hungry jacks/burger king looks delicious though

  • Austin S.

    Austin S.

     6 days ago

    That barbecue sauce really tied the room together.

  • per ceder

    per ceder

     1 weeks ago

    Why do you keep saying sandwich when you talking about burgers? It's like saying you saying apples when you trying a pineapple.

  • Gnome X

    Gnome X

     1 weeks ago

    When he took a bite of it I felt weak and I felt as if someone stole my soul, he is scary.